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Sanrio | l-tike HMV is a world class entertainment website which provides Books, Comics and Magazines. CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Games and Goods are for free delivery on orders over 2,500 Yen (within Japan)! Ponta Point available for both sites! Special campaigns and limited novelty with multiple payment & delivery options for our customer’s satisfaction!

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  •  小さ過ぎる女の子にはちょっと大き過ぎて重た過ぎる...

    Posted Date:2014/11/15


    ようたん . |40year

  • めっちゃ、かわいい(★´∀`)!! まどマギ好きな人は...

    Posted Date:2012/07/25

    めっちゃ、かわいい(★´∀`)!! まどマギ好きな人は買うべし!

    seri★ . |10year

  • めっちゃ、かわいい(★´∀`)!! まどマギ好きな人は...

    Posted Date:2012/07/25

    めっちゃ、かわいい(★´∀`)!! まどマギ好きな人は絶対買うべし!

    seri★ . |10year


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