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Ricky Martin

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Ricky Martin was one of the biggest teen idols in Latin America during the '90s and a major figure in American pop music by the end of the decade. A lead singer of Menudo, Martin was blessed with good looks and a nice voice, which helped him become a Latin music star. He also became an actor, earning praise from the Mexican motion picture industry and starring on the American soap opera General...

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  • ホント、jaleoさんのおっしゃる通り!最近のSOYNYって...

    Posted Date:2008/11/25


    marvin .

  • ラテンって魂を揺さぶる 音、メロディー、めちゃ こ...

    Posted Date:2008/11/26

    ラテンって魂を揺さぶる 音、メロディー、めちゃ ここちよい。特に17のデュエットなんか昇天モノ!! 私はこれだけのためにこのCD買いましたから。

    まぁ〜 .

  • ステージがスゴいのはいつものことだけど今回はマドン...

    Posted Date:2008/02/26


    tyler .


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