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Luther Vandross

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Luther Vandross was one of the most successful R&B artists of the 1980s and '90s. Not only did he score a series of multi-million-selling albums containing chart-topping hit singles and perform sold-out tours of the U.S. and around the world, but he also took charge of his music creatively, writing or co-writing most of his songs and arranging and producing his records. He also performed these fun...

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  • Lutherのベスト盤は複数出ているので、初心者向けにし...

    Posted Date:2012/10/14


    hiro . |40year

  • Essential Mixesがまさかの日本盤でのリリース。よく...

    Posted Date:2012/10/14

    Essential Mixesがまさかの日本盤でのリリース。よく知られたリミックスも収録されてますが、リミックスに負けない彼の歌声はさすがの一言。もう新作が聴けないのが寂しいですね。

    hiro . |40year

  • これ買います!既出のリミックスもあるかどうかはコア...

    Posted Date:2010/08/11

    これ買います!既出のリミックスもあるかどうかはコアなファンじゃないので分かりませんが、ジャケも最高だし、価格もお手頃なので、買います♪@Never Too Much (89 Remix)  AAin’t No Stoppin Us Now (1995 Remix) BHeaven Can Wait (Soulpower 2 Step Mix) CCome Back (Keith Cohen Remix) DIt’s Over Now (Special Version) EStop To Love (12” Mix) FLove The One You’re With (Joe The Butcher) GYour Secret Love (Urban Remix) HShe Won’t Talk To Me IThe Rush (Morales Remix) JThe Power Of Love(Ab Fab Remix)

    hiro .


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