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  • This is a beautiful collection of new songs,, all ...

    Posted Date:2015/05/07

    This is a beautiful collection of new songs,, all of them have that old school sailormoon sound, even them inspired on other sailormoon songs... The Usagi theme is really into the ”otome no policy” style,is wonrderful to ear again the original Usagi on the mic. Makoto song have that disco dance style as her live action version. Minako is very into pop, as rai-chan into rock style, ami-chan sound great with her new rock ballad. the album have some ”sera myu” inspiration, cause the ”minako & makoto” song is really simillar to ”Triangle Secret” (from Marina-moon musical) very very recommended. :D Italo Gianti (Chile)

    Italo Gianti . |30year

  • 私は♪七つの大罪を見てるんだよ(^w^)たまにね♪

    Posted Date:2015/01/31


    まもりん .

  • 今回の特典はIFのドラマCDです。それぞれのキャラクタ...

    Posted Date:2014/12/25


    ユウ . |70year


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