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Japanese R&B diva Misia rose to stardom on the strength of her stunning vocal range. She earned frequent comparison to rival Hikaru Utada, but she is also hugely popular in house music clubs in Japan where a myriad of remixes of her smash singles have taken on lives all their own. Misia contributed to the popularity of R&B music in Japan, and had she not been there, we would have not seen the likes of Sugar Soul, Tina, Bird and Double.

Struck by Lauryn Hill on the movie 'Sister Act 2' at sixteen, she received vocal lessons from a black voice tutor and began performing at clubs in her hometown and Tokyo. Her 1998 debut single, 'Tsutsumikomuyoni' was a club hit at first, and resulted in a mainstream smash hit. In addition to the follow-up 'Hino Ataru Basho' and mini album 'Glory Days', her debut album, 'Mother Father Brother Sister' entered the chart at number one and stayed on the chart well into 1999. The album sold two million copies in Japan alone, and ushered in the Japanese R&B music era.

Expectations were high for Misia's follow-up, 2000's 'Love Is The Message'. The album did not disappoint, as the lead singles 'Believe', 'Wasurenai Hibi' and 'Sweetness' landed in the top 10. Misia's next release was 'Misia Remix 2000 Little Tokyo', which featured remixes of her songs by such top DJs as Satoshi Tomiie, DJ Watarai and Malawi Rocks. She went on her first nationwide tour in support of 'Love Is The Message', which established her as one of the most outstanding performers as well. The tour was filmed into 'Love Is The Message Tour Of Misia 1999-2000'. In 2001, she teamed up with pop outfit Dreams Come True for the single 'I Miss You', on background vocals with Miwa Yoshida, and produced and penned by the group.

In April 2001, her third full-length effort, 'Marvelous' was released. The album featured 'Everything', now a winter classic that can be heard on any radio station in Japan. The single gave the singer her first number 1, and the album produced two more hits, 'Escape' and 'I Miss You'. The tour followed and was widely acclaimed by fans again.

In 2002, Misia signed a multi-album recording contract with the Rhythmedia Tribe, distributed by Avex. Shortly before the release of her debut for the label, her former label BMG Japan issued 'Misia Greatest Hits', which featured her 12 previous singles as well as the live version of new song 'Hatenaku Tsuzuku Story'. Her Rhthmedia Tribe debut, 'Kiss In The Sky' became yet another chart-topper. Misia is readying her fifth recording in all, 'Mars & Roses' for Feb. 2004 release. The lead single 'In My Soul/Snow Song' gives us a sense of where Misia's going. Misia looks set to triumph over every new trend in pop music with her incredibly rich talent.