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Habitame Siempre


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Genre : World Catalogue Number : 88725491442
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Sony Music
Release Country : USA
Format : CD
Other : Import

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Habitame Siempre


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Product Description

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Habitame Siempre (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Four years after her last studio offering, Mexican pop diva Thalia returns with the ambitious Habitame Siempre. Dedicated to her late mother, the album features a wide array of styles, and more than a few surprises. While the title track single is a ballad in the grand Mexican pop tradition, it is quickly followed by a cover of Gloria Estefan's classic Con los Anos Que Me Quedan, with a similar arrangement but using four different voices to color it differently. The set includes a series of duets as well, including Te Perdiste Mi Amor with Prince Royce and Munequita Linda with Robbie Williams, with a musical cabaret style that harks back to the 1940s. Her reading of the ubiquitous Besame Mucho with Michael Buble, in both Spanish and English, weds classic pop to tango and nueva cancion in a stunning arrangement. [The Mexican and Target versions have three exclusive bonus tracks.] ~ Thom Jurek, Rovi

Content Description

Abraham Laboriel(Bass),  Charlie Bisharat(Violin),  Cheche Alara(Keyboards),  Cheche Alara(Piano),  Christopher Mercedes(Bass),  Efrain "Junito" Davila(Keyboards),  Efrain "Junito" Davila(Piano),  Eric Jorgensen(Trombone),  George Shelby(Saxophone),  Harry Kim(Trumpet),  Lee Sklar(Bass),  Luis Conte(Percussion),  Michito Sanchez(Percussion),  Nathan East(Bass),  Ramon Stagnaro(Guitar),  Ramon Stagnaro(Guitar (Acoustic)),  Ramon Stagnaro(Guitar (Electric)),  Randy Kerber(Keyboards),  Raul Bier(Percussion),  Steven Cruz(Guitar),  Tal Bergman(Percussion),  Tim Pierce(Guitar (Acoustic)),  Tim Pierce(Guitar (Electric)),  Walter Afanasieff(Bass),  Walter Afanasieff(Piano),  Carlitos Del Puerto(Bass (Acoustic)),  Cheche Alara(Accordion),  Cheche Alara(Fender Rhodes),  Cheche Alara(Organ (Hammond)),  Cheche Alara(Wurlitzer),  Christopher "Chapo" Vegazo(Guira),  Nate Morton(Bateria),  Randy Cooke(Bateria),  Tal Bergman(Bateria),  Vinnie Colaiuta(Bateria),  Alfredo Matheus(Mezcla),  Alisha Bauer(Seccion De Cuerdas),  Armando Avila(Mezcla),  Becky Bunnell(Seccion De Cuerdas),  Cameron Stone(Seccion De Cuerdas),  Charlie Bisharat(Seccion De Cuerdas),  Cristian Robles(Mezcla),  Humberto Gatica(Mezcla),  Joe Solda(Contratista),  Joel Pargman(Seccion De Cuerdas),  John Wittenberg(Seccion De Cuerdas),  Kevin Connolly(Seccion De Cuerdas),  Michele Richards(Seccion De Cuerdas),  Nina Evtuhov(Seccion De Cuerdas),  Peter Kent(Seccion De Cuerdas),  Peter Mokran(Mezcla),  Rafa Sardina(Mezcla),  Rudolph Stein(Seccion De Cuerdas),  Vanessa Freebairn-Smith(Seccion De Cuerdas),  Adam Greenholtz(Engineer),  Angel Fernandez(Arranger),  Cheche Alara(Arranger),  Cheche Alara(Engineer),  Cheche Alara(Producer),  Cristian Robles(Engineer),  Efrain "Junito" Davila(Producer),  Guianko Gomez(Engineer),  Guianko Gomez(Producer),  Hal Winer(Engineer),  Harry Kim(Arranger),  Humberto Gatica(Producer),  Jean Michel Desir(Engineer),  Paul Forat(Producer),  Prince Royce(Producer),  Rafa Sardina(Engineer),  Seth Atkins Horan(Engineer),  Steve Chruchyard(Engineer),  Walter Afanasieff(Producer),  Ahmed Barroso(Composer),  Andres Castro(Composer),  Beatriz Luengo(Composer),  Bob Ludwig(Mastering),  Cheche Alara(String Arrangements),  Consuelo Velazquez(Composer),  David Stout(String Arrangements),  Edgar Alfredo Zabaleta(Composer),  Emilio Estefan Jr(Composer),  Francisco Rodriguez(Assistant Engineer),  G. M. Estefan(Composer),  Guianko Gomez(Composer),  Hector Ruben Rivera(Production Coordination),  Jesus Cordero(Photography),  JoAnn Tominaga(Production Coordination),  Jorge Luis Chacin(Composer),  Juan Carlos Calderon(Composer),  Maria Bernal(Composer),  Maria Grever(Composer),  Mario Domm(Composer),  Miguel Luna(Composer),  Mike Oddone(Assistant Engineer),  Omar Alfanno(Composer),  Paul Forat(Director),  Raul Ornelas(Composer),  Ricardo Montaner(Composer),  Ruben Martin(Photography),  Seth Waldmann(Assistant Engineer),  Tommy Mottola(Executive Producer),  Walter Afanasieff(Drum Programming),  Ayelen Zucker(Coros),  Camila Ibarra(Coros),  Carlos Murguia(Coros),  Cheche Alara(Arreglos),  Cheche Alara(Digital Editing),  Cheche Alara(Vocal Producer),  Efrain "Junito" Davila(Arreglos),  Facundo Monty(Coros),  Francesc Freixes(Graphic Design),  Francis Benitez(Coros),  Gerardo Rivas(Coros),  Gilberto Santa Rosa(Coros),  Gisa Vatcky(Coros),  Jerry Rivas(Coros),  Jonathan Eugenio(Coros),  Jorge Calandrelli(Orchestral Arrangements),  Michelle Sotomayor(Coros),  Paul Forat(Direction),  Victor Sanchez(Digital Editing),  Walter Afanasieff(Arreglos),  Walter Afanasieff(Orchestral Arrangements),  Walter Afanasieff(Vocal Producer),  Cheche Alara(String Director),  Cheche Alara(Vocal Director),  Cristina Abaroa(Copista),  Graham Archer(Vocal Engineer),  Isabel de Jesus(A&R),  Jesus Navarro(Vocal Director),  Leonel Garcia(Vocal Director),  Pablo Arraya(Vocal Engineer),  Paul Forat(Vocal Director),  Rafa Sardina(Vocal Engineer),  Rolando Alejandro(Vocal Engineer),  Samo(Vocal Director),  samo(Vocal Director),  Tyler Gordon(Pro-Tools)

Track List   

    Habitame Siempre
    Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan (con Leonel García, "Samo" de Camila y Jesús Navarro de Reik)
    Te Perdiste Mi Amor (con Prince Royce)
    No Soy El Aire
    Besame Mucho (con Michael Bublé)
    Regalito De Dios
    Tomame O Dejame
    Munequita Linda (Te Quiero, Dijiste) (con Robbie Williams)
    Dime Si Ahora (con Gilberto Santa Rosa)

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