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The Best Of Depeche Mode Volume 1

Depeche Mode

User Review :4.5 points (11 reviews) ★★★★★

Item Details

Genre : Rock & Pop Catalogue Number : TOCP-66627
Number of Discs : 1 Label : toshiba EMI
Release Country : Japan
Format : CD
Other : Greatest Hits

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The Best Of Depeche Mode Volume 1

Depeche Mode

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Product Description

Other Editions

  • CD Best Of
             US Edition   ¥2,517     14 Nov 2006  

The Best Of Depeche Mode Volume 1 (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Consider this a primer, because there is no way a career spanning 25 years can be summarized justifiably within the cramped space of an 80-minute disc. The Best of Depeche Mode, Vol. 1 takes a very selective skip through the group's past, and it leaves no room for anything off Black Celebration -- an album many fans (albeit the most depressive ones) cite as a favorite. While the relatively thorough Singles 81>85 and Singles 86>98 can be seen as the proper entry route, they don't have the benefit of covering 2001's Exciter or 2005's excellent Playing the Angel, so this disc -- as of 2006, at least -- is very nearly the best possible way to get a feel for the whole daunting discography. Tending to stick to the singles that made the greatest impact on the mainstream and club charts, the selections do signify that the group hasn't lost any traction. Just compare the difference between 1981's Just Can't Get Enough and 2005's Precious to the difference between the Rolling Stones' Time Is on My Side (1964) and Mixed Emotions (1989); Depeche Mode remained on an even keel creatively, while the Stones were hailed for continuing to exist and for making music that didn't embarrass their legacy. (If that's not a slap in the face of real rock & rollers who laughed at the thought of synth pop as more than a silly trend, what is?) Also consider this: If a poll were to be conducted in order to determine the absolute favorite Depeche Mode song of all time, there would be at least 40 write-ins in addition to the 18 options (including a decent new song) provided here. So, if you should happen to pick up this disc as an introduction and find yourself knocked out, you have a lot of catching up in your future. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi

Content Description

Ben Hillier(Producer),  Daniel Miller(Producer),  Dave Dascombe(Producer),  Eric Radcliffe(Engineer),  Flood(Producer),  Gareth Jones(Engineer),  Gareth Jones(Producer),  John Fryer(Engineer),  Mark Blakkat Bell(Producer),  Paul Conboy(Producer),  Alan Wilder(Group Member),  Anton Corbijn(Art Direction),  Ben Hillier(Mixing),  Daniel Miller(Compilation Producer),  Daniel Miller(Mixing),  David Gahan(Composer),  Flood(Mixing),  Francois Kevorkian(Mixing),  Jeremy Wheatley(Mixing),  Mark "Spike" Stent(Mixing),  Martin L Gore(Composer),  Martin L Gore(Group Member),  Paul Conboy(Mixing),  Paul Morley(Liner Notes),  Phil Legg(Mixing),  Roland Brown(Compilation Producer),  Simon Heyworth(Remastering),  Steve Fitzmaurice(Mixing),  The Q.(Mixing),  Vince Clarke(Composer),  Vince Clarke(Group Member),  Daniel Miller(Compilation),  Roland Brown(Compilation),  Anton Corbijn(Visuals)

Track List   

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Customer Reviews

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  • ★★★★☆ 

    musuka  |  505  |  不明  |  11/April/2007

    当初に気になった曲順も、聴いてる内に妙に馴染んできました♪ vol.2早く出ないかな♪自分の数あるDM my best(自作)には及ばないな…ナンテ密かに思ってマス

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  • ★★★☆☆ 

    トランスthe80's  |  埼玉県  |  不明  |  08/January/2007


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  • ★★★★☆ 

    ゆきりん  |  東京都  |  不明  |  24/December/2006


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