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  • *You can register your Ponta card, After the membership registration completed.
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For HMV Members - Information of Transferring to LAWSON WEB Member -.

If you are already an HMV Member on either HMV ONLINE/MOBILE or physical HMV STORE, You will be albe to receive the ticketing service as well as shopping at LAWSON-TICKET & HMV as you transfer to LAWSON WEB Members.
Ponta card is required for registration. Ponta card can easily be issued for free.

*[Transfer from HMV Member to LAWSON WEB Member] is for the following customers.

Customers with Ponta card
. HMV Members Card holder transferred to Ponta Card but have not completed the registration.
. Registered HMV Members Card holder with Ponta card.
. Registered HMV ONLINE/MOBILE Member with Ponta card.

Customers without Ponta card *Ponta card will be posted.
. Registered HMV Members Card holder without Ponta card.
. Registered HMV ONLINE/MOBILE Member prior to 14 August 2011 without Ponta card.