How to Search for Items

[Search from Search Box]

All pages on HMV&BOOKS online has a Search Box on the top of page and products can be searched from "All Item".
(Products can be searched by Japanese or English)
Enter keyword and click on "GO". Products with the entered keyword will be listed on the search results.

Select "Music", "DVD & Blu-ray", "Anime", "Books", "Goods", "Loppi" and "Tickets" from the drop-down list for further sort.
On the search result page results can be sorted by "Format", "Campaign", "Edition / Category", "Genre", "Label" and "Release Year" from the left hand side.
To pin point what you are searching for go to "Advanced Search" and enter artist, title of albums, title of songs or classical.

[Search by Songs]

Enter title of song and restrict your search to "By Song" category in the drop-down menu.

[Advanced Search]

This search is useful to find items from label or publisher.

Popular Music Advanced Search
Classical Music Advanced Search
Movie & TV Advanced Search
Anime Advanced Search
Book Advanced Search

[Index Search]

HMV&BOOKS online provides Artist Index, Rock Index, and Jazz Index. This search is useful when items can not be found from search box.

Author Index
Artist Index
Rock Index
Jazz Index

[Exclude Search]
Enter keyword when you want to exclude results with the keyword.

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