Buy 3 International Titles and Get Up to 30% Off!

Buy 3 International Titles and Get Up to 30% Off!
What is Multi-Buy? Multi-Buy is our popular campaign offer which allows you to get an attractive discount when buying multiple items from our selected range at the same time. During the period, you will get the campaign discount when you put into your shopping cart the designated number or more of the campaign items and pay for them at the same time. (The discount is applied only when the designated number of the campaign items are bought within the same order.)
About the discount after order please click here.

* This campaign does not include all International Music CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc available on HMV&BOOKS online.
* This campaign is only on HMV&BOOKS online and not at physical HMV STORES, Yahoo! Store, LOHACO, Rakuten Ichiba, Wowma!, HMV@Loppi or other physical HMV STORES, HMV&BOOKS online in other countries.
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