Ayumi Hamasaki
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Ayumi Hamasaki

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Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki is enjoying a string of Japan chart-toppers that help establish her as one of the most successful female solo singers of '00s, along with Misia and Hikaru Utada. In addition to being a trendsetter of the fashion, she writes many songs to illustrate the alienation many girls feel, with her discerning, plain-spoken lyrics.

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  • いつ聞いても浜崎あゆみは良いですね。期待を裏切りま...

    Posted Date:2021/05/30

    いつ聞いても浜崎あゆみは良いですね。期待を裏切りません。 じっくりと聞いていきたいです。ファンにはたまりません。

    あや .

  • This concert is great, I hope Ayu can produce 4k q...

    Posted Date:2021/09/19

    This concert is great, I hope Ayu can produce 4k quality concert videos soon.

    zhu .

  • こちらは臨場感が、かなりあり、何度みてもLIVEに参加...

    Posted Date:2021/05/30


    あや .


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