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Collector's Edition: The Eight Original


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    25 Nov 2008
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Item Details

Genre : Dance & Soul Catalogue Number : 516471
Number of Discs : 8 Label : Rhino/atlantic
Release Country : USA
Format : CD
Other : Collection,Import

Collector's Edition: The Eight Original


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Product Description

HMV Review

Simply put, this box includes eight studio albums by War, the stellar Southern California unit that had been together in one form or another -- and with different names and personnel -- since 1962, though they didn't begin recording until 1970 as Eric Burdon's backing band. While Burdon moved on, predictably, the unit, enhanced by the Danish born harmonica player Lee Oskar, embarked on a string of recordings beginning with their self-titled album in 1971, followed by a most impressive run throughout most of the '70s, when the band dropped only the self-titled offering, but also revealed the genius that became All Day Music, The World Is a Ghetto, Deliver the Word, Why Can't We Be Friends?, and Platinum Jazz. Along with Mandrill, War ushered in a near perfect meld of funk, jazz, Latin rhythms, soul, gospel, and rock, played with virtuosity and requisite passion. This Rhino set -- first released in 1994 -- collects the aforementioned albums plus 1982's big-selling Outlaw that featured the title track and Cinco de Mayo, and 1994's reunion album Peace Sign, that included the singles I'm the One (Who Understands), and East L.A., in addition to the title cut. Rhino has remastered all of the original albums, though there is no extra material on any of the discs; however, they don't need any. As self-contained albums go, most of these were perfect. While the live album is also missing here, it is basically superfluous and should be heard on its own. The box is handsome, yet is has no liner notes and all of these albums are available individually, so it's difficult to know who this set will appeal to -- better a box set of LPs should have been issued. The music, however, remains the focus and for that reason alone this can't be beat. ~ Thom Jurek, Rovi

Content Description

B.B. Dickerson(Bass),  B.B. Dickerson(Percussion),  B.B. Dickerson(Vocals),  Charles Green(Saxophone),  Charles Miller(Clarinet),  Charles Miller(Flute),  Charles Miller(Percussion),  Charles Miller(Sax (Alto)),  Charles Miller(Sax (Baritone)),  Charles Miller(Sax (Tenor)),  Charles Miller(Vocals),  Harold Brown(Drums),  Harold Brown(Percussion),  Harold Brown(Vocals),  Howard H. Scott(Guitar),  Howard H. Scott(Guitar (Bass)),  Howard H. Scott(Guitar (Electric)),  Howard H. Scott(Percussion),  Howard H. Scott(Vocals),  Jerry Goldstein(Percussion),  Jose Feliciano(Guitar (Acoustic)),  Jose Feliciano(Vocals),  Kerry Campbell(Saxophone),  Larry Goetz(Guitar),  Lee Oskar(Percussion),  Lee Oskar(Vocals),  Lonnie Jordan(Keyboards),  Lonnie Jordan(Organ),  Lonnie Jordan(Percussion),  Lonnie Jordan(Piano),  Lonnie Jordan(Synthesizer),  Lonnie Jordan(Vocals),  Luther Rabb(Bass),  Luther Rabb(Vocals),  Papa Dee Allen(Percussion),  Papa Dee Allen(Vocals),  Pat Rizzo(Flute),  Pat Rizzo(Saxophone),  Rae Valentine(Organ),  Romeo Williams(Bass),  Ronnie Hammond(Drums),  Ronnie Hammond(Percussion),  Sal Rodriguez(Drums),  Sal Rodriguez(Percussion),  Harold Brown(Sampling),  Harold Brown(Vocals (Background)),  Howard H. Scott(Guitar (Synthesizer)),  Howard H. Scott(Sampling),  Howard H. Scott(Vocals (Background)),  Lee Oskar(Harmonica),  Lonnie Jordan(Bass (Vocal)),  Lonnie Jordan(Guitar (Synthesizer)),  Lonnie Jordan(Timbales),  Lonnie Jordan(Vocals (Background)),  Milton James(Vocals (Background)),  Milton Myrick(Vocals (Background)),  Moses Wheelock(Conga),  Moses Wheelock(Vocals (Background)),  Papa Dee Allen(Bongos),  Papa Dee Allen(Conga),  Rae Valentine(Vocals (Background)),  Ricky Green(Vocals (Background)),  Sal Rodriguez(Vocals (Background)),  Gene Page(Synthesizer Strings),  Lonnie Jordan(Synthesizer Bass),  Lonnie Jordan(Synthesizer Strings),  Elsa Barrera(Spoken Word),  Howard H. Scott(Orator),  Lonnie Jordan(Synthesizer Horn),  Andrew Berliner(Engineer),  Chris Huston(Engineer),  Ed Barton(Engineer),  Howard H. Scott(Producer),  Jerry Goldstein(Arranger),  Jerry Goldstein(Producer),  John Fischbach(Engineer),  Larry Goetz(Engineer),  Lonnie Jordan(Arranger),  Lonnie Jordan(Producer),  Matt Hyde(Engineer),  Richard Kaplan(Engineer),  Richard Moore(Engineer),  Aaron Brashear(Cover Design),  Aaron Brashear(Design),  Andrew Berliner(Assistant Engineer),  Andy Uduff(Assistant Engineer),  B.B. Dickerson(Composer),  B.B. Dickerson(Group Member),  Barry Alfonso(Liner Notes),  Bill Inglot(Remastering),  Bob Gordon(Photography),  Charles Green(Group Member),  Charles Green(Horn Arrangements),  Charles Miller(Composer),  Charles Miller(Group Member),  Christina Schlesinger(Artwork),  Craig Silvey(Assistant Engineer),  Danny Alonso(Assistant Engineer),  Dave Collins(Mastering),  Eric Greedy(Assistant Engineer),  Garry Sato(Design),  Garry Sato(Photography),  Gene Page(String Arrangements),  Harold Brown(Composer),  Harold Brown(Group Member),  Howard H. Scott(Group Member),  Howard Miller(Design),  Howard Scott(Composer),  Jeffrey Mayer(Photography),  Jerry Goldstein(Composer),  Jerry Goldstein(Horn Arrangements),  Jim Schwarz(Assistant Engineer),  Joe Gastwirt(Remastering),  John Jackson(Assistant Engineer),  Judy Baca(Artwork),  Ken Perry(Remastering),  Kerry Campbell(Group Member),  Larry Goetz(Mixing),  Lee Oskar(Composer),  Lee Oskar(Design),  Lee Oskar(Group Member),  Lonnie Jordan(Composer),  Lonnie Jordan(Drum Programming),  Lonnie Jordan(Group Member),  Matt Hyde(Assistant Engineer),  Matt Hyde(Drum Programming),  Matt Hyde(Programming),  Milton James(Composer),  Norman Seeff(Design),  Norman Seeff(Photography),  Papa Dee Allen(Composer),  Papa Dee Allen(Group Member),  Rae Valentine(Drum Programming),  Rae Valentine(Group Member),  Rae Valentine(Programming),  Ronnie Hammond(Group Member),  Sal Rodriguez(Group Member),  War(Composer),  Aaron Brashear(Cover Art Concept),  Abbey Anna(Project Coordinator),  Cato(Assistant),  Charles Green(Soloist),  Eric Burdon(Cover Art Concept),  Frank Rand(Project Coordinator),  Glenn Stone(Cover Art Concept),  Howard Miller(Cover Art),  Kerry Campbell(Soloist),  Lee Oskar(Concept),  Lee Oskar(Cover Art Concept),  Lee Oskar(Direction),  Pat Rizzo(Soloist),  Bob Cato(Logo),  Dick Sakahara(Cover Lettering),  Mic Holwin(Text Editor),  Rae Valentine(Drum Fills),  Ronnie Hammond(Drum Fills)

Track List   

Disc   1

  • War

    Sun Oh Son
    Lonely Feelin'
    Back Home
    War Drums
    Fidel's Fantasy

Disc   2

  • All Day Music

    All Day Music
    Get Down
    That's What Love Will Do
    There Must Be A Reason
    Nappy Head
    Slippin' Into Darkness
    Baby Brother

※This is the list of tracks for Disc 1 and 2. To see the list of tracks for all discs click

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