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Passion Pain & Pleasure

Trey Songz

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Genre : Dance & Soul Catalogue Number : 7567.89301
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Atlantic
Release Country : Europe
Format : CD
Other : Import

Passion Pain & Pleasure

Trey Songz

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Product Description

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Passion.Pain & Pleasure (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Through the release of his third album, 2009痴 Ready, Trey Songz appeared to be an up-and-comer poised for top-tier R&B stardom. A fast succession of three Top Ten R&B singles later, that promise was fulfilled. Rather than squeeze every drop from Ready and take a break or open a clothing boutique, Trey chose to build on his momentum. The week Passion, Pain & Pleasure was released, he was on the R&B chart in six forms, whether as a lead or featured artist, and two of those slots were occupied by his own new singles. The shamelessly mindless 釘ottoms Up, a thematic sequel to 鉄ay Ahh that features Nicki Minaj, was already in the Top Ten, and the hushed Mario Winans collaboration 鼎an稚 Be Friends, one of 2010's finest ballads, had touched the Top 30. The remainder of Passion, Pain & Pleasure likewise does not stray very far from Ready. After all, only a year separates their release dates, and they are both dominated by Troy Taylor productions. The early singles highlight Passion痴 first half, which also features the classy pleader 撤lease Return My Call and playfully libidinous bedroom ballads like 溺assage and 鏑ove Faces. The album痴 back half doesn稚 boast an outlandish moment like 的 Invented Sex, either, but it is the strongest, most varied side of a Trey Songz album, just about flawless. It smoothly shifts through several moods. The opulent slow jam 迭ed Lipstick rivals anything in a similar mode produced or recorded by the-Dream. Throughout the in-heat 泥oorbell, Trey rides lapping/swaying percussion with impressive agility. The sparse, chilling 填nfortunate is the most affecting post-808s & Heartbreak song yet, wounded and spiteful without coming across as hateful. 釘lind, a somber narrative, demonstrates how Trey -- who, for all his lyrical boasting, displays considerable vocal aptitude without flaunting it -- is as comfortable in front of a band as he is over a beat. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi

Content Description

Allison Traylor(Guitar),  Carl Cox, Jr.(Flute),  Carl Cox, Jr.(Sax (Tenor)),  Emma Kummrow(Violin),  Gregory Teperman(Violin),  Jean-Marie Horvat(Vocals),  John Walsh(Trumpet),  Nina Cottman(Violin),  Olga Konopelsky(Violin),  Patrick Hayes(Guitar),  Sasha Gomez(Vocals),  Stan Slotter(Trumpet),  Stephen Tirpak(Trombone),  Edrick Miles(Vocals (Background)),  Frank Nitty(Vocals (Background)),  Johnta Austin(Vocals (Background)),  Karen Anna Schubert(French Horn),  Mark Ward(Cello),  Trey Songz(Vocals (Background)),  Troy Taylor(Vocals (Background)),  Andrew Clifton(Producer),  Bei Maejor(Producer),  Dee Brown(Engineer),  Dexter Wansel(Producer),  Edrick Miles(Producer),  Eric Hudson(Producer),  Jerren "J-Kits" Spruill(Producer),  J-MIKE(Producer),  John McGee(Producer),  Kane Beatz(Producer),  Mario Winans(Producer),  Mark "the Mogul" Jackson(Producer),  Noah Shebib(Producer),  Patrick Hayes(Producer),  Romeo Taylor(Engineer),  Romeo Taylor(Producer),  Steve "Rock Star" Dickey(Engineer),  Tha Bizness(Producer),  The Track Dealer(Producer),  Thiago Pinto(Engineer),  Trey Songz(Engineer),  Troy Taylor(Engineer),  Troy Taylor(Producer),  Zach Steele(Engineer),  Andrew Clifton(Composer),  Andrew Wansel(Composer),  Aubrey Drake Graham(Composer),  Brandon Green(Composer),  Christian Lantry(Photography),  Claude Quo Forbes(Composer),  Connie Makita(Design),  Dexter Wansel(Composer),  Donnie Meadows(Production Coordination),  Edrick Miles(Composer),  Edrick Miles(Musician),  Eric Hudson(Composer),  Eric Hudson(Instrumentation),  Ezekiel Lewis(Composer),  Fabian Marasciullo(Mixing),  Floyd Bentley(Composer),  Frank Brim(Composer),  Greg Gigendad Burke(Art Direction),  Greg Gigendad Burke(Design),  Jaycen Joshua(Mixing),  Jean-Marie Horvat(Mixing),  Jeremy Coleman(Composer),  John Maultsby(Composer),  John McGee(Composer),  John McGee(Musician),  Johnta Austin(Composer),  Johnta Austin(Executive Producer),  Mario Winans(Composer),  Mark "the Mogul" Jackson(Composer),  Mark B. Christensen(Mastering),  Melvin Moore(Composer),  Milton James(Composer),  Mykola Dmytrovich Leontovych(Composer),  Noah Shebib(Composer),  Onika Maraj(Composer),  P. Wilhousky(Composer),  Ryuichi Sakamoto(Composer),  Tanisha Broadwater(Production Coordination),  Tony Scales(Composer),  Tremaine Neverson(Composer),  Trey Songz(Executive Producer),  Troy Taylor(Composer),  Troy Taylor(Executive Producer),  Troy Taylor(Musician),  Warren "Oak" Felder(Composer),  Adrian "A.J." Nunez(Assistant),  Chef Tone(Lyricist),  Edrick Miles(Lyricist),  Ezekiel Lewis(Vocal Producer),  Giancarlo Lino(Assistant),  Jesus Garnica(Assistant),  Rebecca Alexis(Stylist),  Trey Songz(Lyricist),  Trey Songz(Vocal Producer),  Troy Taylor(Vocal Producer),  Zachariah Redding(Assistant),  Carolyn Tracey(Package Production),  Dionnee Harper(Marketing),  Lanre Gaba(A&R),  Mike Caren(A&R)

Track List   

    Here We Go Again  (00:40)
    Love Faces
    Bottoms Up
    Pain  (01:25)
    Can't Be Friends
    Please Return My Call
    Made To Be Together
    Pleasure  (01:29)
    Red Lipstick
    Unusual  (03:32)
    Doorbell  (03:56)
    Passion  (01:24)
    Unfortunate  (03:49)
    You Just Need Me

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    truelies  |  佐賀県  |  不明  |  08/November/2010

    前作READYより断然イケテル。 後半少し微妙さがあるが、全体的にいい感じ。 特に7曲目が好き。 5曲目だけ少し浮いた感じがある。曲自体はいいんだけど。 全体的にほぼエロ歌詞だけど、曲は落ち着いてて良い雰囲気がありました。

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