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Secrets -Remix Package

Toni Braxton

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Item Details

Genre : Dance & Soul Catalogue Number : 74321460122
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Arista /bmg
Release Country : Europe
Original Release Year : 1996
Format : CD

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Secrets -Remix Package

Toni Braxton

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Product Description

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Secrets -Remix Package (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Toni Braxton's second album, Secrets, follows through on the promise of her eponymous debut. Like her first album, the majority of Secrets was co-produced by Babyface and his partner L.A. Reid, while the material is divided between songs written by outside songwriters like R. Kelly, Tony Rich, and Diane Warren and originals by Braxton and Babyface. Braxton and Babyface's collaborations are the highlights of the album, combining rich melodies and gorgeous choruses with subtle, clever lyrics that are never laced with cliches. Nearly equalling the original numbers are contributions by Tony Rich (Come On Over Here) and R. Kelly (I Don't Want To); with these tracks, both musicians demonstrate why they are considered two of the top songwriters in '90s R&B and soul. Secrets does have a couple of weak moments. The numbers produced by David Foster are too predictable in their slick commercial appeal, but Braxton manages to infuse the songs with life and passion that elevates them beyond their generic confines. And her vocal talent is what unites Secrets and makes it into a first-rate contemporary R&B collection. Braxton is a singer who can cros over into the smooth confines of adult contemporary radio without losing or betraying the soul that lies at the foundation of her music, and her talent burns at its brightest on Secrets. [Secrets is also available in an import release.] ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Content Description

Babyface(Guitar),  Babyface(Guitar (Acoustic)),  Babyface(Guitar (Electric)),  Babyface(Keyboards),  Colin Thorpe(Guitar),  Dean Parks(Guitar (Acoustic)),  Greg Phillinganes(Piano),  Greg Phillinganes(Synthesizer),  Keith Crouch(Organ),  Kenny G(Saxophone),  Luis Conte(Percussion),  Michael Hart Thompson(Guitar (Electric)),  Michael Thompson(Guitar (Electric)),  Nathan East(Bass),  Reggie Griffin(Synthesizer),  Reggie Hamilton(Bass),  Terry Burrus(Keyboards),  Toni Braxton(Vocals),  Andrea Martin(Vocals (Background)),  Babyface(Vocals (Background)),  Chante Moore(Vocals (Background)),  Doreen Edwards(Vocals (Background)),  Greg Phillinganes(Fender Rhodes),  Jakkai Butler(Vocals (Background)),  Keith Crouch(Multi Instruments),  Marc Nelson(Vocals (Background)),  R Kelly(Multi Instruments),  R Kelly(Vocals (Background)),  Shanice(Vocals (Background)),  Shanice Wilson(Vocals (Background)),  Sherree Ford-payne(Vocals (Background)),  Toni Braxton(Vocals (Background)),  Tony Rich(Multi Instruments),  Tony Rich(Vocals (Background)),  Simon Franglen(Synclavier),  Al Schmitt(Engineer),  Babyface(Producer),  Brad Gilderman(Engineer),  Bryce Wilson(Producer),  Dave Reitzas(Engineer),  David Foster(Arranger),  David Foster(Producer),  Eugene Lo(Engineer),  Felipe Elgueta(Engineer),  Frankie Knuckles(Producer),  John Poppo(Engineer),  Karlin(Arranger),  Karlin(Producer),  Keith Crouch(Arranger),  Keith Crouch(Engineer),  Keith Crouch(Producer),  L.A. Reid(Producer),  Lee Monteverde(Engineer),  Leslie Brathwaite(Engineer),  Manny Marroquin(Engineer),  Neil Pogue(Engineer),  Peter Mokran(Engineer),  R Kelly(Arranger),  R Kelly(Producer),  Randy Walker(Engineer),  Satoshi Tomiie(Producer),  Soulshock(Arranger),  Soulshock(Producer),  Tony Rich(Arranger),  Tony Rich(Producer),  Andrea Martin(Composer),  Babyface(Composer),  Babyface(Executive Producer),  Billy Kinsley(Assistant Engineer),  Bob Brockman(Mixing),  Booker T. Jones III(Mixing),  Brad Haehnel(Assistant Engineer),  Brandon Harris(Assistant Engineer),  Brayn Reminic(Assistant Engineer),  Bryce Wilson(Composer),  Bryce Wilson(Drum Programming),  Bryce Wilson(Programming),  D.L. Warfield(Design),  Darrell Spencer(Composer),  Davett Singletary(Art Direction),  David Foster(Programming),  Frank Gonzalez(Assistant Engineer),  Frankie Knuckles(Remixing),  Glen Marchese(Assistant Engineer),  Gloria Stewart(Composer),  Herb Powers(Mastering),  Ivy Scoff(Production Coordination),  Jeremy Lubbock(Conductor),  Jeremy Lubbock(Conductor),  Jeremy Lubbock(String Arrangements),  Jeremy Lubbock(String Arrangements),  Jin Choi(Assistant Engineer),  John Frye(Assistant Engineer),  John Merchant(Assistant Engineer),  John Shrive(Assistant Engineer),  Jon Gass(Mixing),  Jonathan Buck(Composer),  Keith Crouch(Composer),  Keith Crouch(Vocal Arrangement),  Kenneth Edmonds(Executive Producer),  Kyle Bess(Assistant Engineer),  L.A. Reid(Executive Producer),  L.A. Reid(Vocal Arrangement),  Larry Schalit(Assistant Engineer),  Marc Nelson(Composer),  Marnie Riley(Mixing Assistant),  Mick Guzauski(Mixing),  Nigel Sawyer(Design),  Paul Boutin(Assistant Engineer),  Peter Mokran(Mixing),  R Kelly(Mixing),  Randee Saint Nicholas(Photography),  Randy Walker(Programming),  Richard Huredia(Assistant Engineer),  Robbes Stieglitz(Assistant Engineer),  Ron Lowe(Mixing Assistant),  Tim Thomas(Vocal Arrangement),  Toni Braxton(Composer),  Toni Braxton(Executive Producer),  Toni Braxton(Vocal Arrangement),  Tony Rich(Composer),  Billy Kinsley(Assistant),  Brad Haehnel(Assistant),  Brandon Harris(Assistant),  Carla Harrison(Hair Stylist),  David Foster(Keyboard Programming),  Elaine Wallace(Hair Stylist),  Frankie Knuckles(Remix Producer),  Glen Marchese(Assistant),  Jin Choi(Assistant),  John Merchant(Assistant),  Kyle Bess(Assistant),  Marie Davis(Hair Stylist),  Marnie Riley(Assistant),  Paul Boutin(Assistant),  Richard Huredia(Assistant),  Robbes Stieglitz(Assistant),  Ron Lowe(Assistant),  Terri Apanasewicz(Make-Up),  Toni Braxton(Creative Director),  Al Schmitt(String Engineer),  Arnold Stiefel(Management),  Brayn Reminic,  Dave Reitzas(String Engineer),  David Morales(Drum Editing),  David Morales(Percussion Consultant),  Jeremy Lubbock(String Conductor),  Jeremy Lubbock(String Conductor),  Randy Phillips(Management),  Randy Walker(MIDI Programming)

Track List   

    Come on Over Here
    You're Making Me High
    There's No Me Without You
    Un-Break My Heart
    Talking in His Sleep
    How Could an Angel Break
    Find Me a Man
    Let It Flow
    Why Should I Care
    I Don't Want To
    I Love Me Some Him
    In the Late of Night
    You're Makin'me High (T'Empo Mix)
    Un-Break My Heart (Classic Radio Mix)
    I Don't Want To (Frankie Knuckles Radio Edit)

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