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Take 6

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Take 6

With its roots in gospel, doo wop, and the sophisticated jazz-influenced singing groups of mid-century America (such as the Hi-Los), the a cappella vocal group Take 6 is both a throwback to an earlier, more genteel era of American music and a precursor for a number of black male pop groups of the '90s, most notably Boyz II Men. Its members include David Thomas, Alvin Chea, Cedric Dent, Mark Kibble...

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    CD Import

    So Much 2 Say

    Take 6

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    Release Date
    11 Sep 1990
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    CD Import


    Take 6

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    Release Date
    23 Sep 2008

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  • 多彩なゲストが加わり、足し算ではなく、掛け算の効果...

    Posted Date:2008/10/18

    多彩なゲストが加わり、足し算ではなく、掛け算の効果が出ています。人の声のハーモニーは、心を優しく包んでくれます。前面に押し出ることは無いですが、Roy Hargroveが良い味出しています。

    まつ .

  • Love it! ”More Than Ever” fantastic!

    Posted Date:2006/04/30

    Love it! ”More Than Ever” fantastic!

    Rodney .

  • これまでのアルバムから一転、タイトル通りバンドをバ...

    Posted Date:2003/07/27


    ha_jean .


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