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Glee: The Music Vol.1

User Review :5 points (2 reviews) ★★★★★

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Genre : Soundtracks Catalogue Number : 88697540902
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Columbia
Release Country : USA
Format : CD
Other : Soundtrack,Import



Product Description

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Glee: The Music Volume 1 (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Like the High School Musical franchise, Glee became more than a TV show when several of its songs cracked the Hot 100, including the number four hit Don't Stop Believing. That song kicks off this soundtrack, the first in a series of albums cataloging the music performed by the show's cast. Tuneful performances by Mark Salling (who plays Puck) and former boy band member Kevin McHale (the wheelchair-bound Artie) make a good argument for Glee being an ensemble production, but Lea Michele still receives top billing as Rachel Berry, and she sings circles around several of the pop stars whose songs are featured here. ~ Andrew Leahey, Rovi

Content Description

Credit:  Glee
Adam Anders(Vocals),  Amber Riley(Vocals),  Chris Colfer(Vocals),  Chris Mann(Vocals),  Cory Monteith(Vocals),  David Loucks(Vocals),  Dianna Agron(Vocals),  Emily Gomez(Vocals),  Jasper Randall(Vocals),  Jenna Ushkowitz(Vocals),  Kamari Copeland(Vocals),  Kevin McHale(Vocals),  Lea Michele(Vocals),  Mark Salling(Vocals),  Matthew Morrison(Vocals),  Nikki Hassman(Vocals),  Tim Davis(Vocals),  Windy Wagner(Vocals),  Zac Poor(Vocals),  Adam Anders(Engineer),  Adam Anders(Producer),  Dan Marnien(Engineer),  James Levine(Producer),  Peer Astrom(Engineer),  Peer Astrom(Producer),  Ryan Murphy(Producer),  Ryan Murphy(Producer),  Ryan Peterson(Engineer),  Adam Anders(Vocal Arrangement),  David Bett(Art Direction),  David Bett(Design),  Freddie Mercury(Composer),  Jeannette Kaczorowski(Cover Design),  Lamont Dozier(Composer),  Louie Teran(Mastering),  Maria P. Marulanda(Art Direction),  Maria P. Marulanda(Design),  Peer Astrom(Mixing),  Tim Davis(Vocal Arrangement),  Geoff Bywater(Executive in Charge of Music),  Heather Guibert(Coordination),  Meaghan Lyons(Coordination),  PJ Bloom(Music Supervisor),  Robin Koehler(Coordination),  Adam Anders(Soundtrack Producer),  Brad Dalchuk(Soundtrack Executive Producer),  Dante DiLoreto(Soundtrack Executive Producer),  Ryan Murphy(Soundtrack Producer),  Tim Davis(Vocal Contractor)

Track List   

    Don't Stop Believin'
    Can't Fight This Feeling
    Gold Digger
    Take a Bow
    Bust Your Windows
    Taking Chances
    Maybe This Time
    Somebody to Love
    Hate On Me
    No Air
    You Keep Me Hangin' On
    Keep Holding On
    Bust a Move
    Sweet Caroline
    Dancing with Myself
    Defying Gravity

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  • ★★★★★ 

    moma  |  東京都  |  不明  |  11/January/2011

    大人から子供まで楽しめる選曲です!!!懐かしい曲だったり最近のヒット曲だったりテンコ盛り! 「天使にラブソングを」の現代版ですね

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  • ★★★★★ 

    サトル  |  東京都  |  不明  |  02/April/2010

    FOXTVでドラマを見て 面白い!歌と踊りのクオリティも高い! 私はすっかりファンになってしまいました。ミュージカルの歌は勿論の事、80年代から現代までさまざまな曲を歌っている。ミュージカルのウイキッドやドラマのプッシングデイジーでも活躍したKristin Chenowethもゲスト出演。いいなあ、CD売っていないかなーと思っていたら、既にVol.2まで発売していた。しかも全米でNo1になったとの事。とても楽しいアルバムに仕上がっています。

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