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Genre : Jazz Catalogue Number : 2794578
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Ecm
Release Country : International
Format : CD
Other : Import

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Steve Kuhn / Steve Swallow / Joey Baron

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Product Description

HMV Review

Steve Kuhn has excelled in many setting in a career spanning over five decades, but he is at his best leading a trio. Like many of the top pianists, Kuhn interacts with his musicians, rather than having them relegated exclusively to the role of accompanists. By the time of this 2011 record date, he had worked with bassist Steve Swallow at various times over a half century, with drummer Joey Baron over twenty years, but this marked their first recording together as a trio. Swallow's sublime lyrical bass is always a welcome addition, while Baron has contributed to recordings by a diverse range of stylists. Kuhn contributed many of the songs, highlighted by his lyrical samba Adagio and the glistening, light-hearted Morning Dew. He also revisits several of his best compositions recorded for previous projects: the lush ballad Romance, the whispered Pastorale with Swallow playing lead in the introduction as Kuhn plays soft chords behind him as Baron's light touch on brushes provide the perfect accent, along with the mellow yet hip Promises Kept. Swallow's compositions are frequently used by leaders with whom he works. His Dark Glasses opens with a mysterious air but shifts quickly into a bright bossa nova. One can only imagine the inspiration for the title to Good Lookin' Rookie and this breezy number doesn't disappoint, with Kuhn's driving piano, Swallow's intricate bass solo, along with Baron's drum breaks. Highly recommended! ~ Ken Dryden, Rovi

Content Description

Joey Baron(Drums),  Steve Kuhn(Piano),  Steve Swallow(Bass),  Manfred Eicher(Producer),  Art Farmer(Composer),  Carla Bley(Composer),  Dori Caymmi(Composer),  John Rogers(Photography),  Nadia F. Romanini(Cover Photo),  Sascha Kleis(Design),  Steve Kuhn(Composer),  Steve Kuhn(Liner Notes),  Steve Swallow(Composer),  Tracy Mann(Lyricist)

Track List   

    Morning Dew
    Permanent Wave
    A Likely Story
    Dark Glasses
    Promises Kept
    Good Lookin' Rookie

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