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Shania Twain

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Emerging in the mid-'90s, Shania Twain became the most popular country music artist since Garth Brooks. Skillfully fusing mainstream, AOR rock production with country-pop, Twain and her producer/husband, Robert John Mutt Lange, created a commercial juggernaut with her second album, The Woman in Me. The record became a multi-platinum phenomenon, peaking at number five on the pop charts and eventual...

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  • 「UP!」はとてもいい曲ですが、新曲の「PARTY...

    Posted Date:2005/08/05

    「UP!」はとてもいい曲ですが、新曲の「PARTY FOR TWO」もGOOD!ぜったい買います!

    MARIO .

  • 最高だよ!

    Posted Date:2005/02/14


    JEAN .

  • BESTを出すのはとても嬉しいのです!でも国内版の発売...

    Posted Date:2004/11/04


    kim .


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