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Roxy Music

User Review :5 points (50 reviews) ★★★★★

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Genre : Rock & Pop Catalogue Number : 23686
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Warner Brothers
Release Country : USA
Format : CD


Roxy Music

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Product Description

Other Editions

  • CD Avalon (Rmt)
             EUR Edition   ¥1,099     02 Nov 1999  
  • SHM-CD Avalon
             Japan Edition   ¥2,880     28 Jan 2015  
  • SACD Avalon
             Japan Edition   ¥4,223     28 Jan 2015  
  • CD [USED:Cond. AB] Avalon
             US Edition   ¥648     07 Jul 1987  
  • CD [USED:Cond. AB] Avalon
             US Edition   ¥540     07 Jul 1987  

Avalon (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Flesh + Blood suggested that Roxy Music were at the end of the line, but they regrouped and recorded the lovely Avalon, one of their finest albums. Certainly, the lush, elegant soundscapes of Avalon are far removed from the edgy avant-pop of their early records, yet it represents another landmark in their career. With its stylish, romantic washes of synthesizers and Bryan Ferry's elegant, seductive croon, Avalon simultaneously functioned as sophisticated make-out music for yuppies and as the maturation of synth pop. Ferry was never this romantic or seductive, either with Roxy or as a solo artist, and Avalon shimmers with elegance in both its music and its lyrics. More Than This, Take a Chance with Me, While My Heart Is Still Beating, and the title track are immaculately crafted and subtle songs, where the shifting synthesizers and murmured vocals gradually reveal the melodies. It's a rich, textured album and a graceful way to end the band's career. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Content Description

Alan Spenner(Bass),  Andy Mackay(Saxophone),  Andy Newmark(Drums),  Bryan Ferry(Guitar),  Bryan Ferry(Keyboards),  Bryan Ferry(Synthesizer),  Bryan Ferry(Vocals),  Fonzi Thornton(Vocals),  Jimmy Maelen(Percussion),  Neil Hubbard(Guitar),  Neil Jason(Bass),  Paul Carrack(Keyboards),  Paul Carrack(Piano),  Phil Manzanera(Guitar),  Rick Marotta(Drums),  Yanick Etienne(Vocals),  Andy Mackay(Oboe),  Bryan Ferry(Guitar (Synthesizer)),  Fonzi Thornton(Vocals (Background)),  Kermit Moore(Cello),  Yanick Etienne(Vocals (Background)),  Bob Clearmountain(Engineer),  Rhett Davies(Engineer),  Rhett Davies(Producer),  Roxy Music(Producer),  Antony Price(Artwork),  Antony Price(Cover Design),  Bob Clearmountain(Mixing),  Bob Ludwig(Mastering),  Bryan Ferry(Artwork),  Bryan Ferry(Cover Design),  Neil Kirk(Artwork),  Neil Kirk(Cover Design),  Peter Saville(Artwork),  Peter Saville(Cover Design),  Rhett Davies(Mixing),  Robert C. Ludwig(Mastering),  Robert C. Ludwig(Remastering),  Anthony Price(Cover Art),  Antony Price(Cover Art),  Barry Bongiovi(Assistant Producer),  Barry Bongiovi(Production Assistant),  Benjamin Arbiter(Assistant Producer),  Benjamin Arbiter(Production Assistant),  Bob Ludwig(Digital Remastering),  Bryan Ferry(Cover Art),  Ian Little(Assistant Producer),  Ian Little(Production Assistant),  Neil Kirk(Cover Art),  Peter Revill(Assistant Producer),  Peter Revill(Production Assistant),  Peter Saville(Cover Art)

Track List   

    More Than This  (04:30)
    Space Between  (04:30)
    Avalon  (04:16)
    India  (01:44)
    While My Heart Is Still Beating  (03:26)
    Main Thing  (03:54)
    Take a Chance With Me  (04:42)
    To Turn You On  (04:16)
    True to Life  (04:25)
    Tara  (01:43)

Customer Reviews

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  • ★★★★★ 

    birdy  |  岩手県  |  不明  |  15/June/2010

    ’82年の彼らのラスト・アルバム。元々アーティスティックな美学を持ったアヴァンギャルドなバンドですが、本作に関して言えばその高純度な美学の構築が実を結び、成熟した芸術的な完成度を見せてます。あのごつい顔のBryan Ferryからは想像できない洗練された緻密なアレンジはとてもスマートで美しく、M1、3は今なを名曲!ほんと名盤!彼らの他のアルバムも好きですが、本作は次元が違います。ジャケット・アートはいまだにWishbone Ashの『ARGUS』と間違えます(笑)。

    1 people agree with this review

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  • ★★★★★ 

    鹿の紋章  |  東京都  |  不明  |  25/July/2009


    1 people agree with this review

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  • ★★★★★ 

    にしまきてつや  |  赤堤  |  不明  |  01/April/2009

    Bryan Ferryの「耽美主義(道徳功利性を廃して美の享受・形成に最高の価値を置く西欧の芸術思潮)的ロマンティシズム」に貫かれた極上のリズムとサウンドが、全体を覆い尽くす!しかし、こんなに瑞々しくて艶っぽい作品が他のどこにあるのだろうか…と思いきやこんなところにありました…それは「Prince And The Revolution」の「Parade」です!(浮気者)

    1 people agree with this review

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