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Originally one of the leading rappers on Master P's No Limit record label, Mystikal quickly evolved beyond the label's cliched thug trappings and found himself one of the Dirty South's most recognized rappers, alongside Juvenile. Like No Limit itself, Mystikal is a New Orleans native. He released an eponymous debut on the independent label Big Boy in 1995. It earned the attention of Jive Records, ...

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  • ミスティカルの伝説の1stが再発! G-LUV掲載盤

    Posted Date:2006/03/28

    ミスティカルの伝説の1stが再発! G-LUV掲載盤

    G-MAN .

  • ダミダミした声が大好きなひとは絶対聴くべき!!!do...

    Posted Date:2003/12/07

    ダミダミした声が大好きなひとは絶対聴くべき!!!don’t stop 最高!!!

    nancey .


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