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Porgy And Bess -Remaster

Miles Davis

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Item Details

Genre : Jazz Catalogue Number : CK65141
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Columbia
Release Country : USA
Original Release Year : 1958
Format : CD

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Porgy And Bess -Remaster

Miles Davis

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Product Description

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Porgy And Bess -Remaster (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Jazz Times (8/97, p.106) - "...PORGY AND BESS is possibly the best of the collaborations between Miles and Gil Evans....Evans is justly regarded as the master of modern orchestration and PORGY AND BESS shows him at his best. There are two alternates to savor here, `I Loves You, Porgy,' and `More'..."

Content Description

Bernie Glow(Trumpet),  Cannonball Adderley(Sax (Alto)),  Cannonball Adderley(Saxophone),  Danny Bank(Sax (Baritone)),  Danny Banks(Saxophone),  Dick Hixon(Trombone),  Ernie Royal(Trumpet),  Frank Rehak(Trombone),  Jerome Richardson(Clarinet),  Jerome Richardson(Flute),  Jimmy Cleveland(Trombone),  Jimmy Cobb(Drums),  Johnny Coles(Trumpet),  Joseph Bennett(Trombone),  Louis Mucci(Trumpet),  Miles Davis(Trumpet),  Paul Chambers(Bass),  Phil Bodner(Clarinet),  Phil Bodner(Flute),  Philly Joe Jones(Drums),  Romeo Penque(Clarinet),  Romeo Penque(Flute),  Billy Barber(Tuba),  Danny Bank(Clarinet (Bass)),  Danny Bank(Flute (Alto)),  Gunther Schuller(French Horn),  Gunther Schuller(Horn),  Jerome Richardson(Flute (Alto)),  John Barber(Tuba),  Julius Watkins(French Horn),  Miles Davis(Flugelhorn),  Phil Bodner(Flute (Alto)),  Romeo Penque(Flute (Alto)),  Willie Ruff(French Horn),  Cal Lampley(Producer),  Frank Laico(Engineer),  Gil Evans(Arranger),  Tom "Curly" Ruff(Engineer),  Bill Kirchner(Liner Notes),  Charles Edward Smith(Liner Notes),  Cozbi Sanchez-Cabrera(Art Direction),  Don Hunstein(Photography),  DuBose Heyward(Composer),  George Gershwin(Composer),  Gil Evans(Conductor),  Gil Evans(Orchestra),  Ira Gershwin(Composer),  Mark Wilder(Editing),  Mark Wilder(Remastering),  Miles Davis(Performer),  Phil Schaap(Editing),  Phil Schaap(Liner Notes),  Phil Schaap(Remastering),  Roy de Carava(Photography),  Teresa Alfieri(Design),  Mark Wilder(Preparation),  Mark Wilder(Restoration),  Phil Schaap(Reissue Producer),  Phil Schaap(Restoration),  Randall Martin(Reissue Design),  Rene Arsenault(Production Assistant),  Seth Rothstein(Project Director),  Phil Boduet

Track List   

    Buzzard Song  (04:07)
    Bess, You Is My Woman Now  (05:10)
    Gone  (03:37)
    Gone, Gone, Gone  (02:03)
    Summertime  (03:17)
    Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess?  (04:28)
    Prayer (Oh Doctor Jesus)  (04:39)
    Fisherman, Strawberry and Devil Crab  (04:06)
    My Man's Gone Now  (06:14)
    It Ain't Necessarily So  (04:23)
    Here Come de Honey Man  (01:18)
    I Loves You, Porgy  (03:39)
    There's a Boat That's Leaving Soon for New York  (03:23)
    I Loves You, Porgy [Take 1, Second Version]  (04:14)
    Gone [Take 4]  (03:40)

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