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Doo Bop

Miles Davis

User Review :4.5 points (16 reviews) ★★★★★

Item Details

Genre : Jazz Catalogue Number : 26938
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Warner Brothers
Release Country : Europe
Original Release Year : 1992
Format : CD

Doo Bop

Miles Davis

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Product Description

Other Editions

  • CD Doo Bop
             EUR Edition   ¥800     10 Feb 2001  
  • CD Doo-Bop
             Japan Edition   ¥2,138     06 Aug 2013  
  • CD Doo-Bop
             Japan Edition   ¥926     20 Nov 2013  
  • CD Doo Bop
             EUR Edition   ¥1,414     21 Mar 2014  
  • CD [USED:Cond. AB] Doo Bop
             EUR Edition   ¥540     03 Jun 1992  

Doo Bop (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Musician (6/92, p.96) - "...This is a hip hop record....For younger ears weaned on modern beats, it's an inviting opening into one of the great cornucopias of American music....Like most everything Miles played, the music of DOO-BOP is cool and warm, beautiful and true..."
Down Beat (8/92, p.37) - 4.5 Stars - Very Good Plus - "...What excites me about DOO-BOP is the way Miles was playing in his last days....Where he has sounded tentative at times on recent recordings, here he starts and ends his ideas crisply....It's a hell of an exit, chief..."
Entertainment Weekly (8/21/92, p.60) - "...[Miles] solos with impeccable logic and wistful finesse over smoothly intricate hip-hop rhythm tracks..." - Rating: B-
Q Magazine (9/92, p.70) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "...a collector's piece...it is as hip, sexy, open and complex as the best of his work since he elected to turn to FM airplay music in the 1980's..."

Content Description

Miles Davis(Trumpet),  Arthur Steuer(Engineer),  Bruce Moore(Engineer),  Daniel Beroff(Engineer),  D'Anthony Johnson(Engineer),  Easy Mo Bee(Producer),  Eric Lynch(Engineer),  John McGlain(Engineer),  Kirk Yano(Engineer),  Randy Hall(Engineer),  Reginald Dozier(Engineer),  Zane Giles(Engineer),  D'Anthony Johnson(Mixing),  Easy Mo Bee(Performer),  Eric Lynch(Mixing),  Gordon Meltzer(Executive Producer),  J.R.(Performer),  Michael Benabib(Photography),  Robin Lynch(Art Direction),  Ted Jensen(Mastering),  Gordon Meltzer(Associate Producer),  Matt Pierson(Associate Producer)

Track List   

    Mystery  (03:55)
    Doo Bop Song  (05:00)
    Chocolate Chip  (04:38)
    High Speed Chase  (04:41)
    Blow  (05:06)
    Sonya  (05:31)
    Fantasy  (04:35)
    Duke Booty  (04:55)
    Mystery (Reprise)  (01:29)

Customer Reviews

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  • ★★★★☆ 

    redfodera  |  不明  |  不明  |  29/January/2013

    このアルバムをマイルスのオリジナル・タイトルと考えるか、Eモービーのマイルスへのオマージュと考えるかで、リスナーの評価も別れるんだと思います。私は後者だと考えて聴いてますし、レビューの星もEモービーのアルバムに対してのものです。 マイルスを最高のマテリアルと持ち上げず、サウンドの1構成要素と引きつけてループを組んでいることには拍手。凡庸なHipHopにはなっていない。でもマイルスを切り刻んで再構築することにかけてはTマセロの方が遥かに上手。残念がらマイルスの望むことを嗅ぎ分ける嗅覚はもちろん、時間も理解も足りなかったみたい。 もう少しマイルスに時間があったら全く異なる仕上がりになり、誰もがマイルスのオリジナル・タイトルと呼べるものになったでしょうね。

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  • ★☆☆☆☆ 

    oklahomatoad  |  東京都  |  50year  |  09/August/2011


    0 people agree with this review

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  • ★★★★★ 

    KobaJun  |  宮城県  |  不明  |  14/October/2010


    2 people agree with this review

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