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After spending the '80s as an unappreciated jangle pop guitarist with Oh-OK and Lloyd Cole, as well as a solo artist, Matthew Sweet emerged in 1991 as the leading figure of the American power pop revival. Like his British counterparts Teenage Fanclub, Sweet adhered to traditional songcraft, yet subverted the form by adding noisy post-punk guitar and flourishes of country-rock, resulting in an amal...

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  • G’day all, Have you all got ”Kimi Ga Suki Lif...

    Posted Date:2003/04/25

    G’day all, Have you all got ”Kimi Ga Suki Life” yet?!? If not, why not?!? This is an amazing album!!! 100/100!!! If there’s such thing as a ”Matthew Sweet” album, this is it cos Matthew produced, engineered, mixed, played, wrote (including the insert... can anyone confirm if Matthew wrote the Japanese part please?!?) and sang every single song of this album, in his house and over a week! The music’s raw, yet well produced. Unlike over-produced albums, you can actually hear the bass line on

    isdon_isgood .

  • 初期の曲はちっとも色褪せてない。が、年が経つにつれ...

    Posted Date:2003/04/28


    ama .

  • ジャケットが映画のワンシーンのよう。それにマッチす...

    Posted Date:2010/03/08

    ジャケットが映画のワンシーンのよう。それにマッチする甘く感傷的なメロディー。この頃はVELVET CRUSHやTEENAGE FANCLUB、REDD KROSSやTHE POSIESなんかもよく聴いたっけなぁ。甘酸っぱい青春の思い出。

    がすたふ孫 .


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