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Music Box

Mariah Carey

User Review :4.5 points (7 reviews) ★★★★★

Item Details

Genre : Dance & Soul Catalogue Number : 4742702
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Columbia /sony
Release Country : UK
Original Release Year : 1993
Format : CD

Music Box

Mariah Carey

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HMV Review

While Carey tones down the predominance of her tremendous vocal range throughout much of this release, there is no question that she remains the driving force behind yet anothr collection of heavy-rotation Top-40 successes including Dreamlover, Hero and the remake of Harry Nilsson's Without You. ~ Ashley S. Battel, Rovi

Content Description

Dave Hall(Keyboards),  Dave Hall(Synthesizer),  David Beano Hall(Keyboards),  David Beano Hall(Synthesizer),  David Cole(Keyboards),  Gary Cirimelli(Synthesizer),  Kayo(Bass),  Mariah Carey(Vocals),  Michael Landau(Guitar),  Ren Klyce(Synthesizer),  Robert Clivilles(Drums),  Robert Clivilles(Percussion),  Walter Afanasieff(Guitar (Acoustic)),  Walter Afanasieff(Keyboards),  Walter Afanasieff(Synthesizer),  Cindy Mizelle(Vocals (Background)),  Kelly Price(Vocals (Background)),  L.A. Reid(Vocals (Background)),  Mariah Carey(Vocals (Background)),  Melonie Daniels(Vocals (Background)),  Shanrae Price(Vocals (Background)),  Walter Afanasieff(Organ (Hammond)),  Gary Cirimelli(Synclavier),  Ren Klyce(Synclavier),  Walter Afanasieff(Synclavier),  Walter Afanasieff(Synthesizer Bass),  Acar S. Key(Engineer),  Babyface(Arranger),  Babyface(Producer),  Bob Rosa(Engineer),  Dana Jon Chappelle(Engineer),  Daryl Simmons(Arranger),  Daryl Simmons(Producer),  Dave Hall(Arranger),  Dave Hall(Producer),  David Cole(Arranger),  David Cole(Producer),  David Gleeson(Engineer),  David Hall(Arranger),  David Hall(Producer),  Frank Filipetti(Engineer),  Jennifer Monnar(Engineer),  Jim "Z" Zumpano(Engineer),  Jim Carauna(Engineer),  Kent Matcke(Engineer),  Kirk Yano(Engineer),  Kyle Bess(Engineer),  Manny Lacarrubba(Engineer),  Mariah Carey(Arranger),  Mariah Carey(Producer),  Mark Krieg(Engineer),  Robert Clivilles(Arranger),  Robert Clivilles(Producer),  Walter Afanasieff(Arranger),  Walter Afanasieff(Producer),  Bob Ludwig(Mastering),  Bob Rosa(Mixing),  Dave Hall(Composer),  Dave Hall(Programming),  David Beano Hall(Programming),  David Cole(Composer),  David Cole(Mixing),  Gary Cirimelli(Programming),  James T. Alfano(Programming),  Jennifer Monnar(Assistant Engineer),  Jim Caruana(Assistant Engineer),  Kyle Bess(Assistant Engineer),  Manny Lacarrubba(Assistant Engineer),  Mariah Carey(Composer),  Mariah Carey(Mixing),  Mick Guzauski(Mixing),  Mick Guzouski(Mixing),  Pete Ham(Composer),  Ren Klyce(Programming),  Ricky Crespo(Programming),  Robert Clivilles(Composer),  Robert Clivilles(Mixing),  Shawn V. Lucas(Programming),  Tom Evans(Composer),  Walter Afanasieff(Composer),  Walter Afanasieff(Programming),  Gary Cirimelli(Synthesizer Programming),  Ren Klyce(Keyboard Programming),  Dana Jon Chappelle(Vocal Engineer),  Kirk Yano(Tracking)

Track List   

    Anytime You Need A Friend
    Music Box
    Now That I Know
    Never Forget You
    Without You
    Just To Hold You Once Again
    I've Been Thinking About You
    All I've Ever Wanted
    Everything Fades Away

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  • ★★★★★ 

    KSS  |  新潟県  |  50year  |  21/July/2011


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  • ★★★★☆ 

    ポイポイ  |  不明  |  不明  |  21/June/2011


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  • ★★★★★ 

     |  東京都  |  不明  |  09/September/2010


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