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Japanese R&B diva Misia rose to stardom on the strength of her stunning vocal range. She earned frequent comparison to rival Hikaru Utada, but she is also hugely popular in house music clubs in Japan

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  • CD Misia Greatest HitsMisia Greatest Hits

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    Regular price (tax incl.): ¥3,146

    Multi Buy Price
    (tax incl.): ¥2,486

    Release Date: 03 Mar 2002

    User Review :5 points (44 reviews) ★★★★★

  • CD Maxi EverythingEverything

    Point x 1


    Regular price (tax incl.): ¥1,296

    Release Date: 25 Oct 2000

    User Review :5 points (45 reviews) ★★★★★

Showing 1 - 10 of 92 items

News・Update on MISIA

This is News ・ Updates on MISIA

  • MISIA 10th Full Album-2011/06/07
    MISIA's 10th original full album "SOUL QUEST" releasing on July 27th!
  • MISIA: JUST BALLADE-2009/12/25
    MISIA's 9th original album "JUST BALLADE" has been released on December 16, 2009. 11 tracks out of 13 has a tie-up to commercials, theme songs for TV dramas and movies.
  • MISIA Full Album in 2 Years!-2009/10/01
    MISIA's 9th full album since her last album 2 years ago. Son't forget to check out her limited edition single which will be released right before which includes Ultraman Figure!! Album releasing on December 16 and single on December 9!!

Customer Reviews of MISIA

This is Customer Reviews of MISIA.

  • DVD Tour Of Misia 2004 Mars & RosesTour Of Misia 2004 Mars & Roses

    User Review :5 points (16 reviews) ★★★★★

    私のなかでは、2004 Mars&Rosesは、スーパーパワフルライブDVDです。 最初のシュッシュッポッポ(おもちゃの汽車)からMISIAWORLDに引き込まれ、ドーン!!と始まります。衣装、ステージ、ダンスパフォーマンスも素晴らしい。 MISIAノリノリの絶対おすすめのDVDです。 私は、何回見ても鳥肌が立ちます。絶対オススメです。
  • CDマキシ DEEPNESS [Limited Edition]DEEPNESS [Limited Edition]

    User Review :4.5 points (2 reviews) ★★★★★


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