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Japanese R&B diva Misia rose to stardom on the strength of her stunning vocal range. She earned frequent comparison to rival Hikaru Utada, but she is also hugely popular in house music clubs in Japan where a myriad of remixes of her smash singles have taken on lives all their own. Misia contributed to the popularity of R&B music in Japan, and had she not been there, we would have not seen the like...

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  • 冬から春へ、はかない雪や桜・キャンドルなのに、その...

    Posted Date:2015/03/06


    AT . |40year

  • 通常版を買いました。ドラマの主題歌があまりにも良か...

    Posted Date:2013/08/02


    これ娘 . |30year

  • ミーシャが歌うとこうなるのか、と感じます。彼女なり...

    Posted Date:2013/01/31


    夢追い人 . |60year


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