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The production team which brought house music back from the brink of commercial mediocrity, Leftfield made it safe for artistic producers to begin working in a new vein termed progressive house. Paul Daley (a former member of A Man Called Adam and the Brand New Heavies) and programmer Neil Barnes combined the classic soul of early Chicago and New York house with the growing Artificial Intelligence...

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  • 3枚目でもうベスト?と思ったら解散してたのか!知ら...

    Posted Date:2005/10/24


    DYOH . |20year

  • 鬼盛り上がり必至

    Posted Date:2001/03/11


    諏訪太郎 .

  • テクノはエイフェックスツイン聴いて興味を持ったので、どうも音質が...

    Posted Date:2006/07/29


    こまきの . |20year


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