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No Boys Allowed

Keri Hilson

User Review :2.5 points (4 reviews) ★★★☆☆

Item Details

Genre : Dance & Soul Catalogue Number : 1508802
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Interscope Records
Release Country : USA
Format : CD
Other : Import

No Boys Allowed

Keri Hilson

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Product Description

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No Boys Allowed (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

A popular and strange opinion prior to the late 2010 release of No Boys Allowed was that Keri Hilson's career was on life support. Her 2009 debut album failed to go platinum, but a number one R&B single and a number two R&B single, along with nominations for Soul Train, BET, American Music, and the Grammy Awards, did not exactly place her on a fast track to the Shanachie label's covers-album exile. And yet, her follow-up isn't merely eager to stand out -- she and her support staff go all out and aim for pop dominance. Hilson, despite being a gifted songwriter, contributes to only five of the 11 songs, while a vast assortment of collaborators -- a number that dwarfs that of In a Perfect World... -- are enlisted. The most emblematic track is The Way You Love Me, rowdy and sexually direct dance-pop (I got the kinda lovin' that'll keep you off the streets) with screaming vocals and blaring sonics. There is a handful of direct hits, like the Danja-produced Toy Soldier (palpable heartache that hangs in suspension), the sleek StarGate/Esther Dean collaboration Lose Control (despite an anus/famous rhyme from Nelly), and Gimme What I Want, something of a part two to both Turnin' Me On and Get Your Money Up (featuring a phenomenal shape-shifting beat from Boi-1da). ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi

Content Description

James Lewis(Guitar),  Jason "JP" Perry(Keyboards),  John Stephens(Piano),  Mike Scott(Guitar),  Andre Yu(Cello),  Veronika Bozeman(Vocals (Background)),  Mikkel S. Eriksen(Instrumental),  Tor Erik Hermansen(Instrumental),  Arden Altino(Producer),  Boi-1da(Producer),  Bryan "The Beard" Jones(Engineer),  Charlie Bereal(Producer),  Chris Godbey(Engineer),  Chuck Harmony(Producer),  Damien Lewis(Engineer),  Hollywood Hotsauce(Producer),  Jeremy Stevenson(Engineer),  Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon(Producer),  Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis(Producer),  Keri Hilson(Arranger),  Kevin Schinstock(Engineer),  Mike "TrakGuru" Johnson(Engineer),  Mikkel S. Eriksen(Engineer),  Miles Walker(Engineer),  Polow da Don(Producer),  Sergio "Sergical" Tsai(Engineer),  Stargate(Producer),  Timbaland(Producer),  Adam Beyrer(Editing),  Arden Altino(Composer),  B. Green(Composer),  Brandon Jones(Mixing Assistant),  Brian Allison(Assistant Engineer),  C. Harmon(Composer),  C. Haynes(Composer),  Charlie Bereal(Composer),  Chris Brown(Composer),  Chris Gerhinger(Mastering),  Chris Godbey(Mixing),  Damien Lewis(Assistant Engineer),  Demacio "Demo" Castellon(Mixing),  Ian Mercel(Assistant Engineer),  India Boodram(Composer),  Jamal Jones(Composer),  Jazmyn Michel(Composer),  Jerel Lake(Mixing Assistant),  Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon(Composer),  Jerry Duplessis(Composer),  John Stephens(Composer),  Keri Hilson(Composer),  Keri Hilson(Vocal Arrangement),  Kesia Hollins(Composer),  Kevin "KD" Davis(Mixing),  Kevin McCall(Composer),  M. Samuels(Composer),  Marcella Araica(Mixing),  Matt Benefield(Assistant Engineer),  Mikkel S. Eriksen(Composer),  N. Hills(Composer),  Paul Dawson(Composer),  Phil Tan(Mixing),  Polow da Don(Executive Producer),  Sergio "Sergical" Tsai(Mixing),  Stanley Benton(Composer),  T. Clayton(Composer),  T.E. Hermansen(Composer),  Theron Thomas(Composer),  Timothy Thomas(Composer),  Todd Gallopo(Art Direction),  Todd Gallopo(Design),  William Roberts(Composer),  Withers(Composer),  Avena Gallagher(Stylist),  Billy B.(Make-Up),  Brian Allison(Assistant),  Bryan "The Beard" Jones(Assistant),  Chazi Hourani(Assistant),  Cliff Feiman(Production Supervisor),  Clint Nelson(Assistant),  Edward Sanders(Assistant),  Ghazi Hourani(Assistant),  Keri Hilson(Vocal Producer),  Kevin Wilson(Assistant),  Koby Hass(Assistant),  Krista Michalski(Coordination),  Maisha Oliver(Hair Stylist),  Mike DeSalvo(Assistant),  Moses Gollart(Assistant),  Veronika Bozeman(Vocal Producer),  William Villane(Assistant),  Aljamaal Jones(A&R),  Bei Maejor(Additional Production),  Bryan "The Beard" Jones(Vocal Engineer),  Dalya Taman(Creative Coordinator),  DJ Mormile(A&R),  Eric Spence(A&R),  Kelvin Chu(A&R),  Matthew Burnett(Additional Production),  Mike "TrakGuru" Johnson(Vocal Engineer),  Polow da Don(Additional Production),  Rick Frazier(A&R),  Terrence Nelson(A&R)

Track List   

    Buyou feat. J. Cole (Produced by Polow da Don)
    Pretty Girl Rock (Produced Ne-Yo & Chuck Harmony)
    The Way You Love Me feat. Rick Ross
    Bahm Bahm (Do It Once Again) / I Want You
    One Night Stand feat. Chris Brown
    Lose Control / Let Me Down
    Toy Soldier
    Breaking Point
    Beautiful Mistake
    Gimme What I Want
    All The Boys
    Pretty Girl Rock feat. Kanye West

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  • ★☆☆☆☆ 

    Linux  |  ECUADOR  |  不明  |  18/April/2011

    正直残念と言うしかない作品に終わってしまった印象。 クルーとしてやっていた方が彼女は良かったと感じてしまう結果に終わった。 1stでは、彼女と仕事をやってきた周りも力を入れたのか、なかなかインパクトもあり、良質な作品だったが、ビジュアルも後押ししてか人気が出て、自分のやりたいようにやっちゃって、お痛が過ぎた作品になってしまったかと思います。 個人的には、良い男は私の言いたい事を理解出来るだろうし、これが良い女の意見なのよと主張しすぎたかの内容で、共感できないのは良い男、良い女ではないから。と、1stで得たファンさえをも切り捨てた感がある。 更に1stが良かっただけに落胆したリスナーは正直多いだろう。 彼女の才能はここまでだったのか・・・それとも共感できなかった自分が人間として何か足りないのか・・・ ただ、今作でなによりハッキリしたのは、彼女がBeyonceに勝てる日は来ないだろうということだ。 女性の基本だが、同姓に嫌われる女性は、長続きしない・・・

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  • ★★☆☆☆ 

    LOVE-JONES  |  長野県  |  不明  |  13/February/2011


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  • ★★★☆☆ 

    ayaka  |  大阪府  |  不明  |  09/January/2011

    1st を持ってますが、2ndは正直期待はずれでした Pretty Girls Rockはいいですよ!!

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