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Glee: The Music -The Graduation Album

Glee Cast

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Genre : Soundtracks Catalogue Number : 88691966952
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Columbia
Release Country : USA
Format : CD
Other : Soundtrack,Import

Glee: The Music -The Graduation Album

Glee Cast

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Product Description

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Glee: The Music -The Graduation Album (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

One of Glee's biggest concessions to the realities of being a high-school student was the graduation of several cast members entering their final year at William McKinley High School at the end of the show's third season. Glee: The Music - The Graduation Album focuses on many of these seniors' performances of songs that are or will be staples of the cap-and-gown set. Aside from a few rockers like the obligatory School's Out, We Are the Champions, and Glory Days, the mood is fairly solemn by Glee's standards, with songs such as Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), I'll Remember, and Forever Young dominating the set. Meanwhile, the New Radicals' You Get What You Give and fun.'s We Are Young add a dose of quirky personality. ~ Heather Phares, Rovi

Content Description

Adam Anders(Vocals),  Alex Anders(Vocals),  David Loucks(Vocals),  Deyder Cintron(Vocals),  Drew Ryan Scott(Vocals),  Jeanette Olsson(Vocals),  Kala Balch(Vocals),  Kamari Copeland(Vocals),  Missi Hale(Vocals),  Nikki Anders(Vocals),  Onitsha Shaw(Vocals),  Ravaughn Brown(Vocals),  Storm Lee(Vocals),  Tiffany Palmer(Vocals),  Tim Davis(Vocals),  Windy Wagner(Vocals),  Zac Poor(Vocals),  Adam Anders(Arranger),  Adam Anders(Producer),  Alex Anders(Engineer),  Peer Astrom(Arranger),  Peer Astrom(Engineer),  Peer Astrom(Producer),  Ryan Murphy(Producer),  Adam Anders(Vocal Arrangement),  Alice Cooper(Composer),  Anita Marisa Boriboon(Art Direction),  Anita Marisa Boriboon(Design),  Billie Joe Armstrong(Composer),  Bob Dylan(Composer),  Bruce Springsteen(Composer),  Deyder Cintron(Assistant Engineer),  Dominick Maita(Mastering),  Freddie Mercury(Composer),  Fredrik Jansson(Assistant Engineer),  Henrik Edenhed(Mixing),  Joe Wohlmuth(Assistant Engineer),  Joshua Blanchard(Assistant Engineer),  Madonna Ciccone(Composer),  Martin Persson(Programming),  Peer Astrom(Mixing),  Ryan Gillmor(Assistant Engineer),  Ryan Petersen(Assistant Engineer),  Adam Anders(Digital Editing),  Alex Anders(Digital Editing),  Alex Anders(Vocal Producer),  Deyder Cintron(Digital Editing),  Geoff Bywater(Executive in Charge of Music),  Heather Guibert(Coordination),  Jenny Sinclair(Coordination),  Meaghan Lyons(Coordination),  Nicole Ray(Coordination),  PJ Bloom(Music Supervisor),  Adam Anders(Soundtrack Producer),  Brad Falchuk(Soundtrack Executive Producer),  Dante DiLoreto(Soundtrack Executive Producer),  Ryan Murphy(Soundtrack Producer),  Tim Davis(Vocal Coordinator)

Track List   

    We Are Young / Naya Rivera
    Edge Of Glory / Naya Rivera
    I Won't Give Up
    We Are The Champions / Naya Rivera
    School's Out / Mark Salling
    I Was Here
    I'll Remember / Chris Colfer
    You Get What You Give / Chord Overstreet
    Not The End / Cory Monteith
    Roots Before Branches / Cory Monteith
    Glory Days / Mark Salling
    Forever Young
    Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) / Chord Overstreet

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