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This Is The Remix (EU Edition)

Destiny's Child

User Review :5 points (8 reviews) ★★★★★

Item Details

Genre : Dance & Soul Catalogue Number : 5076272
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Columbia /sony
Release Country : Europe
Original Release Year : 2002
Format : CD
Other : CCCD,Import

This Is The Remix (EU Edition)

Destiny's Child

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Product Description

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This Is The Remix (EU Edition) (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Although Destinys Child had been together since their childhood days, it wasn't really until they came under the auspices of Wyclef Jean that they really started to flower commercially. In fact, it was Wyclef's remix of 'No, No, No' that really kick-started the girls career and the rest, in the best tradition of these things, is history. 'This Is The Remix' is a collection of some of the best remixes gathered from throughout the girls time together in the present, and previous, line-up, and there are contributions from the Neptunes, Timbaland, 'Clef and more. Also included is the Maurice Nu Soul mix of 'Nasty Girl' that's only available on this album.

Content Description

Beyonce(Vocals),  Bow Wow(Vocals),  Da Brat(Vocals),  Daniel Weatherspoon(Keyboards),  David Donaldson(Keyboards),  Eric Walls(Guitar),  Felix Pollard(Drums),  Javier Gonzalez(Percussion),  Jermaine Dupri(Vocals),  Keith Henderson(Guitar),  Kenny Anderson(Saxophone),  Michelle Williams(Vocals),  Ron Hall(Bass),  Sean Dancy(Keyboards),  Shavoni(Bass),  Shavoni(Drums),  Kenny Anderson(Horn),  Tim Grant(Fender Rhodes),  William Garcia(Horn),  Mathew Knowles(Sequencing),  Andrew Coleman(Engineer),  Andy Grassi(Engineer),  Anthony Dent(Producer),  Beyonce(Producer),  Blake Eiseman(Engineer),  Brian Frye(Engineer),  Brian Garten(Engineer),  Cedric Courtois(Engineer),  Chad Elliot(Producer),  Che Greene(Producer),  Dan Workman(Engineer),  David Donaldson(Engineer),  Errol "Poppi" McCalla(Producer),  James Hoover(Engineer),  Jermaine Dupri(Producer),  Jerry Duplessis(Producer),  Jimmy Douglas(Engineer),  Jovonn(Producer),  Jovonn Alexander(Producer),  Kevin "Shekspere" Briggs(Producer),  Louis Brown III(Engineer),  Louis Brown III(Producer),  Maurice Joshua(Arranger),  Maurice Joshua(Producer),  Michael Conrader(Engineer),  Mike Hogan(Engineer),  Mike Koch(Engineer),  Missy Elliott(Producer),  Ramon Morales(Engineer),  Rawle Gittens(Engineer),  Rockwilder(Producer),  Shavoni(Engineer),  Shavoni(Producer),  Neptunes(Producer),  Timbaland(Producer),  Warren Riker(Engineer),  Wyclef Jean(Producer),  Andy Grassi(Mixing),  Dan Workman(Mixing),  Dave Pensado(Mixing),  Emilio Hardy(Assistant Engineer),  Emily Lazar(Mastering),  Eric Seats(Mixing),  Errol "Poppi" McCalla(Mixing),  Errol "Poppi" McCalla(Remixing),  Hachi(Cover Photo),  Jerry Duplessis(Remixing),  Kay Fingers(Remixing),  Kim Burse(Editing),  Larry Heard(Composer),  Larry Sturm(Mixing),  Larry Sturm(Mixing Engineer),  Louis Brown III(Mixing),  Mathew Knowles(Editing),  Mathew Knowles(Executive Producer),  Maurice Joshua(Mixing),  Maurice Joshua(Mixing Engineer),  Maurice Joshua(Remixing),  Senator Jimmy D(Mixing),  Serban Ghenea(Mixing),  Serban Ghenea(Remixing),  Shavoni(Mixing),  Steve Johnson(Assistant Engineer),  Steve Penny(Assistant Engineer),  Storm Jefferson(Assistant Engineer),  Storm Jefferson(Mixing),  Storm Jefferson(Mixing Assistant),  Timbaland(Mixing),  Tony Maserati(Mixing),  Tony Maserati(Mixing Engineer),  Warren Riker(Mixing),  Wyclef Jean(Remixing),  Alice Butts(Package Design),  Andrew Coleman(Recording),  Beyonce(Vocal Producer),  Brian Frye(Recording),  Dan Workman(Recording),  James Hoover(Recording),  Tim Grant(Music Coordinator),  James Hoover(Vocal Engineer),  James Hoover(Vocal Recording),  Mathew Knowles(Formatting)

Track List   

    No, No, No (Part 2) (Extended Version - Feat.Wyclef Jean)
    Emotion (Neptunes Remix)
    Bootylicious (Rockwilder Remix)
    Say My Name (Timbaland Remix)
    Bug A Boo (Refugee Camp Remix)
    Dot (E-Poppi Mix)
    Survivor (Extended Version Remix - Feat.Da Brat)
    Independent Woman Part.2
    Nasty Girl (Maurice's Nu Soul Radio Edit)
    Jumpin' Jumpin' (Remix Extended Version)
    Bills, Bills, Bills (Maurice's Xclusive Livegig Mix)
    So Good (Maurice's Soul Remix)
    Heard A Word

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  • ★★★★★ 

    ユッさん  |  宮城県  |  不明  |  16/July/2005


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  • ★★★★★ 

    MASA  |  Japan  |  不明  |  12/October/2003

    このRemixアルバムは最高のでき!!とくにSurvivorのRemixにはDa Bratが!!更にかっちょよくなってる!!このRemixアルバム上出来だ〜〜〜♪

    0 people agree with this review

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  • ★★★★☆ 

    ちえ  |  不明  |  08/July/2003


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