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A DJ at the big beat melting pot the Sunday Social alongside the Chemical Brothers and Jon Carter, Richard Fearless formed a studio project named Death in Vegas to pump out a similar type of audio adrenaline. With the helping hand of Steve Hellier, Fearless spent two years working on material for an LP, then released Dead Elvis on Britain's Concrete label in early 1997. After it was licensed for A...

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  • 聞くまでもなく最高。

    Posted Date:2005/05/30


    ドトレンジャイ .

  • '05年発表。97年のデビューから05年までの流れを集大成し...

    Posted Date:2010/01/16


    madman . |30year

  • どの曲がいい、とかではなく、アルバム通しての雰囲気...

    Posted Date:2005/11/08


    matsu1to100 .


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