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Book Of Davis: Vol.1: The Transition

Dave Hollister

User Review :5 points (2 reviews) ★★★★★

Item Details

Genre : Dance & Soul Catalogue Number : 82876853342
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Gospo Centric
Release Country : USA
Format : CD
Other : Import

Book Of Davis: Vol.1: The Transition

Dave Hollister

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Product Description

HMV Review

On bended knee, and with a trembling voice, Dave Hollister sounds more fervently full of remorse than ever before. That's saying a lot, given his past work with Force One Network and Blackstreet, as well as his previous four solo albums. In this case, he's looking for forgiveness from his Lord, not his woman. His first album for Gospo Centric (the logo is very, very small on its packaging, as if he and his label don't want to scare off the nonbelieving and gospel-music-phobic members of his fan base), The Book of David, Vol. 1: The Transition really isn't that much different from the singer's past releases. Hollister has a newfound focus (which you can see in his eyes, unless you can't get past the fact that he now might pass as a dead ringer for actor Chi McBride), and the subject matter often takes on a slightly more pronounced turn for the spiritual, but the tracks bump and sway as much as any other set he has released. Besides, the detectable changes shouldn't shock anyone who has followed him -- he came up in the church, and both of his parents were preachers. The album lacks the beneficial brevity of 2003's Real Talk and meanders during the second half. Beyond that, it is just as appealing as anything else in the man's catalog and should not be disregarded by virtue of its label of release. ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

Content Description

Agape Jerry(Guitar),  Dave Hollister(Vocals (Background)),  Onitsha Shaw(Vocals (Background)),  Bruce Buechner(Engineer),  Craig Bauer(Engineer),  Dave Hollister(Engineer),  Dave Hollister(Producer),  DeJion Madison(Engineer),  Franny "Franchise" Graham(Engineer),  Greg Ogan(Engineer),  Hula(Producer),  Hula Mahone(Engineer),  J Moss(Producer),  Jesse Wright(Engineer),  Jesse Wright(Producer),  Josean Posey(Engineer),  Mike City(Producer),  Paul "PDA" Allen(Producer),  Paul Scott(Engineer),  Shep Crawford(Producer),  Walter Kearney(Producer),  Warryn Campbell(Producer),  Brian Bradley(Assistant Engineer),  Bruce Buechner(Mixing),  Carnell Murrell(Composer),  Christian Lantry(Photography),  Claude Lataillade(Executive Producer),  Dave Hollister(Composer),  Dave Hollister(Executive Producer),  Eric Dawkins(Composer),  Ernest Lee(Composer),  Franny "Franchise" Graham(Mixing),  Greg Ogan(Mixing),  Herb Powers(Mastering),  Jesse Wright(Composer),  Josean Posey(Assistant Engineer),  Kevyn Lewis(Executive Producer),  Larry Sturm(Mixing),  Mike City(Composer),  Monica Bacon(Production Coordination),  Reginald Lewis(Composer),  Shep Crawford(Composer),  Shep Crawford(Musician),  Vicki Mack Lataillade(Executive Producer),  Warryn Campbell(Composer),  Eric Dawkins(Vocal Producer),  Monica Bacon(Project Coordinator),  Troy Johnson(Stylist),  Vicki Mack Lataillade(Project Coordinator),  Keith Douglas(Management),  Kevyn Lewis(Management),  Troy Johnson(Wardrobe)

Track List   

    Preface, The  (01:40)
    Nothing But God  (04:03)
    Intro, The  (00:46)
    Help Me  (03:59)
    So Many Scars  (03:47)
    Questions  (03:48)
    Pray (Till I Get an Answer)  (04:51)
    Drama  (01:04)
    Divorced  (04:14)
    Settlement, The  (04:21)
    My Pain  (01:18)
    What Do You Do  (05:44)
    Where R U?/Answer Me  (01:02)
    Reach Out to Me  (04:57)
    I Let Heaven Down  (04:36)
    Morning After, The  (01:26)
    Potter, The  (04:25)
    I've Changed  (03:36)
    No One  (04:09)
    Take Me Back  (01:01)
    Closing, The  (00:47)

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