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Mylo Xyloto


User Review :3 points (5 reviews) ★★★☆☆

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Genre : Rock & Pop Catalogue Number : 99908.75532
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Cuk
Release Country : Europe
Format : CD
Other : Import

Mylo Xyloto


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Product Description

Other Editions

  • LP Mylo Xyloto
             EUR Edition   ¥4,234     07 Nov 2011  
  • CD Mylo Xyloto
             EUR Edition   ¥7,374     19 Dec 2011  
  • CD Mylo Xyloto
             CAN Edition   ¥2,186     01 Oct 2013  
  • LP Mylo Xyloto
             CAN Edition   ¥2,469     01 Oct 2013  
  • CD Mylo Xyloto
             Japan Edition   ¥2,314     19 Oct 2011  
  • CD 【中古】 Mylo Xyloto [USED]
             EUR Edition   ¥1,080     21 Oct 2011  
  • CD 【中古】 Mylo Xyloto [USED]
             EUR Edition   ¥972     21 Oct 2011  

Mylo Xyloto (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Coldplay began working on Mylo Xyloto in 2009, while the band was still in the midst of its multi-year tour in support of Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. Recording sessions stretched from 2009 to 2011, with Brian Eno collaborating with the band on several songs and R&B singer Rihanna lending her vocals to 撤rinces of China.・Markus Dravs, Daniel Green, and Rik Simpson all shared production credits, too, resulting in a diverse album inspired by industrial rock and electro-pop. Coldplay began debuting the new tracks as early as May 2011, with 摘very Teardrop Is a Waterfall・kicking off a string of anthemic singles., Rovi

Content Description

Luis Jardim(Percussion),  Davide Rossi(Strings),  Rosie Danvers(Cello),  Markus Dravs(Engineer),  Markus Dravs(Producer),  Rik Simpson(Engineer),  Rik Simpson(Producer),  Robin Baynton(Engineer),  Andrew Denny(Assistant Engineer),  Andrew Denny(Mixing Assistant),  Andy Rugg(Assistant Engineer),  Andy Rugg(Mixing Assistant),  Bob Ludwig(Mastering),  Brian Eno(Composer),  Christian Green(Assistant Engineer),  Christian Green(Mixing Assistant),  Coldplay(Artwork),  David Emery(Assistant Engineer),  David Emery(Mixing Assistant),  Deepu Panjwani(Assistant Engineer),  Deepu Panjwani(Mixing Assistant),  Guy Berryman(Composer),  Ian Shea(Assistant Engineer),  Ian Shea(Mixing Assistant),  Ian Sylvester(Assistant Engineer),  Ian Sylvester(Mixing Assistant),  Jonny Buckland(Composer),  Kate Peters(Photography),  Mark "Spike" Stent(Mixing),  Matt Green(Assistant Engineer),  Matt Green(Mixing Assistant),  Matt Mcginn(Assistant Engineer),  Matt Mcginn(Mixing Assistant),  Matt Miller(Assistant Engineer),  Matt Miller(Mixing Assistant),  Michael Brauer(Mixing),  Noah Goldstein(Assistant Engineer),  Noah Goldstein(Mixing Assistant),  Olga Fitzroy(Assistant Engineer),  Olga Fitzroy(Mixing Assistant),  Phil Harvey(Photography),  Pierre Eiras(Assistant Engineer),  Pierre Eiras(Mixing Assistant),  Rik Simpson(Mixing),  Ryan Gilligan(Assistant Engineer),  Ryan Gilligan(Mixing Assistant),  Sarah Lee(Photography),  Tappin Gofton(Art Direction),  Tappin Gofton(Artwork),  Ted Jensen(Mastering),  Mary Hammond(Vocal Coach)

Track List   

    Mylo Xyloto
    Hurts Like Heaven
    Charlie Brown
    Us Against The World
    Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
    Major Minus
    Princess Of China
    Up In Flames
    A Hopeful Transmission
    Don't Let It Break Your Heart
    Up With The Birds

Customer Reviews

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  • ★★★☆☆ 

    ジミープラント  |  埼玉県  |  不明  |  02/May/2013


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  • ★★★☆☆ 

    サニーデイズ  |  千葉県  |  不明  |  16/October/2012

    前作がグラミー賞の有力候補ともなっただけに大いに期待された新作だったが、いささか拍子抜けと言う感は否めない。一言で言うなら、キャリアの中で最も「軽い」作品。電子音が多用されていることだけでなく、音の厚みや広がりも過去最低レベル。 個々の楽曲はライブで体感すると悪くないし、CHARLIE BROWNのように今後も長くセットリストに入りそうな曲もあるのだが、CDの中ではどうにもインパクトが弱い。 全体を通しての世界観も過去の傑作と比較すべくもないように感じられる。

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  • ★☆☆☆☆ 

    dadycherry  |  神奈川県  |  不明  |  08/January/2012


    1 people agree with this review

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