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Along with June Christy, Helen O'Connell, and Julie London, Chris Connor epitomized cool jazz singing in the 1950s. Influenced by Anita O'Day, the torchy, smoky singer wasn't one for aggression. Like Chet Baker on the trumpet or Paul Desmond and Lee Konitz on alto sax, she used subtlety and restraint to their maximum advantage. At the University of Missouri, Connor (who had studied clarinet at an ...

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  • ジャケットはいまいちですが、クリス・コナーのハスキ...

    Posted Date:2011/10/25


    徳さん . |50year

  • ベツレヘム時代を録音順にまとめたフレッシュサウンド...

    Posted Date:2011/05/15

    ベツレヘム時代を録音順にまとめたフレッシュサウンド版コンプリートCD。ブックレットには、オリジナル盤のジャケ写真もあり、ディスクにはクリスのポートレイトもプリントされています。音質も飾り気のない素直な音で、FSさん良い仕事してくれます。 内容は、Stella by star light,I concentrate on you など有名から、渋めのスタンダードまで折紙つきの名唱です。

    sapphire .

  • l look on this COVER ART ...and right now, remembe...

    Posted Date:2013/05/30

    l look on this COVER ART ...and right now, remember 吉田 兼好...WHAT, HE wrote at the beginning of HIS book 徒然 草...! i dont need more write...about THIS ! p.s. I WRITE ,ONLY , ABOUT JAPANESE EDITION - WPCR75362 , AGAIN, ALL,PERFECT ...! ON THIS EDITION, SOUND,INNER SLEEVES (WB !),2 CD SET= (2 LP) ! ALL , VERY BEAUTIFUL ...! THANK WMG.JP ! p.p.s i no want write, especially about THIS MUSIC...! look this cover...,NO COMMENTS !

    金剛力士 . |20year


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