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  • With her powerful, unique and original voice. This...

    Posted Date:2015/10/01

    With her powerful, unique and original voice. This is the set of her best tracks ever. These tracks have the most powerful and beautiful lyrics and arrangement in all of her entries discography which contain almost powerful vocal but soft musical arrangement ballads (but also nice as best lullaby too).Shima-Uta Traditional style of singing make them more awesome. If you love her strongest and most powerful arrangement songs, you will love this album set. PV’s DVD that come up with is also beautiful too. They’re rarely to watch PVs and her PVs are simple but elegant.

    Crayon .

  • 収録曲「雫」目的で購入したました。カヴァー曲という...

    Posted Date:2010/08/05


    羽夏 . |20year

  • タイトル曲『カッシーニ』 現さん&ちとせさんラスト...

    Posted Date:2008/09/01

    タイトル曲『カッシーニ』 現さん&ちとせさんラストの曲になってしまうのでしょうか… 涙が知らず知らずに流れてしまいます。 広大なスケールの愛を感じずにはいられません。

    浮雲 . |30year


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