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The original traditional Irish folk band, as far as anyone who came of age in the 1970s or '80s is concerned, is the Chieftains. Their sound, built largely on Paddy Moloney's pipes, is otherworldly, almost entirely instrumental, and seems as though it comes out of another age of man's history. That they became an international phenomenon in the '70s and '80s is testament to their virtuoso musician...

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  • 話の部分が多い上に、英語字幕も出ないから、理解でき...

    Posted Date:2005/11/19


    しなもん .

  • 歴史が素直に伝わってくる。 アイルランドの心です。...

    Posted Date:2002/03/29

    歴史が素直に伝わってくる。 アイルランドの心です。

    uk .

  • アイルランド伝統音楽の重鎮、チーフテンズが、ポップ...

    Posted Date:2012/06/17


    sunny .


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