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Dangerously In Love (Asian Edition)


User Review :4.5 points (118 reviews) ★★★★★

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Genre : Dance & Soul Catalogue Number : 5093956
Number of Discs : 1 Label : Sony
Release Country : Taiwan
Format : CD
Other : Studio Recording,Import

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Dangerously In Love (Asian Edition)


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Product Description

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Dangerously In Love (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Beyonce Knowles was always presented as the star of Destiny's Child -- which probably shouldn't be a big surprise since her father managed the group. So it was a natural step for her to step into the diva spotlight with a solo album in 2003, particularly since it followed on the heels of her co-starring role in Mike Myers' 2002 comedy hit, Austin Powers in Goldmember. Still, a singer takes a risk when going solo, as there's no guarantee that her/his star will still shine as bright when there's nobody to reflect upon. Plus, Survivor often sounded labored, as Knowles struggled to sound real. The Knowles clan -- Beyonce and her father Mathew, that is (regrettably, Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool is no relation) -- were apparently aware of these two pitfalls since they pull off a nifty trick of making her debut album, Dangerously in Love, appeal to a broad audience while making it sound relatively easy. Sometimes that ease can translate into carelessness (at least with regard to the final stretch of the album), with a prolonged sequence of ballads that get stuck in their own treacle, capped off by the unbearably mawkish closer, Gift from Virgo, where she wishes her unborn child and her husband to be like her daddy. (Mind you, she's not pregnant or married, she's just planning ahead, although she gets tripped up in her wishes since there's no one else like my daddy.) Although these are a little formless -- and perhaps would have been more digestible if spread throughout the record -- they are impeccably produced and showcase Knowles' new relaxed and smooth delivery, which is a most welcome development after the overworked Survivor. Knowles doesn't save this voice just for the ballads -- she sounds assured and sexy on the dance numbers, particularly when she has a male counterpart, as on the deliriously catchy Crazy in Love with her man Jay-Z or on Baby Boy with 2003's dancehall superstar, Sean Paul. These are the moments when Dangerously in Love not only works, but sounds like Knowles has fulfilled her potential and risen to the top of the pack of contemporary R&B divas. It's just too bad that momentum is not sustained throughout the rest of the record. About halfway through, around the astrological ode Signs with Missy Elliott, it starts crawling through its ballads and, while listenable, it's not as exciting as the first part of the record. Still, the first half is good enough to make Dangerously in Love one of the best mainstream urban R&B records released in 2003, and makes a strong case that Knowles might be better off fulfilling this destiny instead of reuniting with Destiny. [Sony International issued an import edition in 2004.] ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Content Description

Track List   

    Crazy In Love
    Naughty Girl
    Baby Boy
    Hip Hop Star
    Be With You
    Me Myself And I
    Thats How You Like It
    "Closer I Get To You, The"
    Dangerously In Love 2
    Beyonce Interlude
    Gift From Virgo
    Work It Out - (Bonus Track)
    Bonnie And Clyde - (Bonus Track)
    "Crazy In Love - (Bonus Track, with Vanessa Wu)"
    Daddy - (Hidden Track)

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  • ★★★★☆ 

    サニーデイズ  |  千葉県  |  不明  |  30/October/2012

    これまでより更にゴージャスな鎧をまとった作品。 楽曲の過剰な編曲や余計なプロデュースが感じられる部分もあるように感じるものの、それこそ稀代のカリスマとなったビヨンセの身の丈にあったものだと思われる。

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  • ★★☆☆☆ 

    marimo  |  兵庫県  |  不明  |  29/September/2009


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  • ★★★★★ 

    DAY I FORGOT  |  不明  |  09/May/2009

    '03年発表。デスティニーズ・チャイルドがデビューしたとき、まだあどけない表情でポップな曲を歌う4人がそこにいたのだが、あれから5年、そう5年しかたっていないのに、本作でのビヨンセには、もうあどけない表情は残っていない。言ってみれば、当代きってのシンデレラ・ガール、と。ここでのビヨンセは、21歳にして、もうジャケットから何からそんな自分の存在を大いにアピールしている。アメリカン・ドリームをつかんだ女性の自信に満ちたまなざしが、アルバムのあちこちからビシビシと発せられている。ソロ・デビュー作なのだ。 日本盤のボーナス3曲を除くと、ポップでメロディアスな曲で元気にスタートし、グループのアルバムでも聴かせていた先鋭的なナンバーが中盤に収まって、後半はトラディショナルなR&Bに敬意を払った曲が並ぶ、という構成。オープニングの「クレイジー・ラヴ」でシャイ・ライツの曲をネタに使い、ミッシー・エリオットとの共演曲があり、またルーサー・ヴァンドロスとの濃厚なデュエットもあるというように、ひとつのパターンに収まらないスタイルを聴かせているのが気持ちいい。特に、ルーサーとの「ザ・クローサー・アイ・ゲット・トゥ・ユー」は、ロバータ・フラックとダニー・ハサウェイが歌ったナンバーのカバー。自身で曲をプロデュースする点だけではなく、総体として自己プロデュースの能力に長けているのが人気の秘密になっているということがよくわかるアルバムだ。

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