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Born In The Uk

Badly Drawn Boy

User Review :4.5 points (2 reviews) ★★★★★

  • Release Date
    16 Oct 2006
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Genre : Rock & Pop Catalogue Number : 3768552
Number of Discs : 2 Label : Capitol
Release Country : Europe
Format : CD
Other : +DVD, Limited,Import

Born In The Uk

Badly Drawn Boy

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Product Description

Other Editions

  • CD Born In The Uk
             US Edition   ¥2,470     17 Oct 2006  
  • LP Born In The Uk
             EUR Edition   ¥6,720     16 Oct 2006  

Born In The Uk (List of All Editions)

HMV Review

Badly Drawn Boy returns with his 5th studio album, 'Born In The UK'. Whittling down nigh on 30 tracks to just 13 wasn't the easiest process, but his first album in 2 years is also his best to date.

The first track to be heard from the album was the title track which was released on a VERY limited edition 7". The song itself is 160-seconds of rollicking rock'n'roll which details the events that have shaped his life since 1969. BDB-watchers will note the reference to Gough's hero Bruce Springsteen.

The first proper single from the album is one of the best songs Damon's ever written - 'Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind', which is co-produced by Nick Franglen, one half of animated sampledelic organo-dance maestros Lemon Jelly. The song is a swelling, intricate, ballad that he feels is "tinged with Seventies-ness, with Bacharach-ness. I can imagine Pan's People dancing to it. It's part Bond theme too. That’s my experience of being a kid in the Seventies".

Content Description

Alex Thomas(Drums),  Alex Thomas(Percussion),  Andy Caine(Vocals),  Damon Gough(Vocals),  Nick Franglen(Keyboards),  Nick Franglen(Synthesizer),  Sean Mccann(Bass),  Sean McCann(Bass),  Sean Mccann(Guitar (Bass)),  Sean McCann(Guitar (Bass)),  Terri Walker(Vocals),  Bob Marsh(Flugelhorn),  Norman McLeod(Slide Guitar),  Damon Gough(Various),  Nick Franglen(Ambience),  Nick Franglen(Stylophone),  Cameron Jenkins(Engineer),  Nick Franglen(Producer),  Cameron Jenkins(Mixing),  Damon Gough(Instrumentation),  Nick Franglen(Drum Programming),  Nick Franglen(Mixing),  Cameron Jenkins(Audio Engineer),  Nick Franglen(Audio Production),  Tim Parry(Management)

Track List   

Disc   1

    Swimming Pool  (01:32)
    Born in the U.K.  (02:35)
    Degrees of Separation  (04:17)
    Welcome to the Overground  (03:23)
    Journey from A to B  (03:44)
    Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind  (05:20)
    Promises  (05:06)
    Way Things Used to Be  (04:46)
    Without a Kiss  (05:31)
    Long Way Round (Swimming Pool)  (04:53)
    Walk You Home Tonight  (03:45)
    Time of Times  (03:18)
    One Last Dance  (04:51)

Disc   2

  • -DVD-

    Documentary - DVD
    Born In The U.K. (video) - DVD
    The Time Of Times (acoustic) - DVD
    Journey From A to B (rehearsal) - DVD
    Welcome To The Overground (instrumental rehearsal) - DVD
    Born In The UK (acoustic) - DVD

Customer Reviews

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  • ★★★★☆ 

    みみみなみ☆  |  愛媛県  |  不明  |  25/October/2006

    デーモンにしか作れないポップ・アルバム。ABOUT A BOY以来では一番好きだけど、なんかボーカルがこもってる感じ。もっと生っぽくても良いのに。でも1stに近い感じがある。

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  • ★★★★★ 

    から風  |  高知県  |  不明  |  08/August/2006


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