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It's not hyperbole to say that Astor Piazzolla is the single most important figure in the history of tango, a towering giant whose shadow looms large over everything that preceded and followed him. Piazzolla's place in Argentina's greatest cultural export is roughly equivalent to that of Duke Ellington in jazz -- the genius composer who took an earthy, sensual, even disreputable folk music and ele...

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  • このCDに収められている「五重奏のためのコンチェルト...

    Posted Date:2008/06/11


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  • 惜しくも72年〜73年のわずか一年の活動で解散してしま...

    Posted Date:2008/06/11


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  • 九人という大所帯でありながらも、一人一人の奏者がし...

    Posted Date:2008/06/11


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