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AKB48 are an all-female Japanese theater troupe/musical unit created by the famous producer Akimoto Yasushi. AKB is short for Akihabara, a Tokyo district where the group gives daily performances in its own theater, and 48 is supposed to point out the number of members in this populous teen squad, although it's more of an approximation. Yasushi established AKB48 in 2005 by holding an audition atten...

AKB48 GROUP選抜 やり過ぎ!サマー

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  • good!!!ngt48 pretty

    Posted Date:2016/03/12

    good!!!ngt48 pretty

    Akblobe . |40year

  • ついに向井地美音さんのボイス入り目覚まし時計が発売...

    Posted Date:2015/12/28

    ついに向井地美音さんのボイス入り目覚まし時計が発売です。 みーおんの声で起きることが出来るなんて至福のひとときですね。 さっそく予約しました。 発売が待ち遠しいです!

    mogion . |50year

  • 推しメンの声、起きれるのは良いです。

    Posted Date:2016/04/29


    moon . |40year


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