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A Girl Called Eddy

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Not playing into her androgynous-sounding performing name, A Girl Called Eddy matches the grace of Karen Carpenter and the brutal honesty of Aimee Mann and Beth Orton. She emerged in the thicket of pop radio queens (Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne) during summer 2004 and introduced a sophisticated reflection of songs on her self-titled debut. A Girl Called Eddy never really had a plan to do it this...

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  • 去年はジョー・ヘンリ、今年はエディでSSWモノは決...

    Posted Date:2004/10/25

    去年はジョー・ヘンリ、今年はエディでSSWモノは決まりかな。 ダークで哀愁感漂うメロがたまりません。何で国内盤でないの?

    RODAN .

  • フランシスダナリーの「Man」に参加してたところから...

    Posted Date:2008/01/12


    LoveMusicMan .

  • これ一曲目やばいでしょ。まじheartacheだけど。

    Posted Date:2003/03/15


    egoiste .


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