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GOT7  Artist TOP All Items

GOT7 (Romanized to Gatsebeun from the Korean) were formed in 2014 by K-Pop training empire JYP Entertainment (Rain, the Wonder Girls). The titular seven members were South Koreans JB ..more


Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses  Artist TOP All Items

At a time when pop was dominated by dance music and pop-metal, Guns N’ Roses brought raw, ugly rock & roll crashing back into the charts. They were not nice boys; nice boys don’t play rock & roll. ..more



GFRIEND  Artist TOP All Items



GReeeeN  Artist TOP All Items



GLAY  Artist TOP All Items

Glay is without doubt the most successful rock band in the history of Japanese visual rock. With a unique high-tone vocal style, an abundant talent for writing and producing No.1 hits, it seems the ..more



GIFTY  Artist TOP All Items


Graham Bonnet

Graham Bonnet  Artist TOP All Items

In the 1980s, hard rock and heavy metal were all about the way you looked. If you didn’t have long hair and dress in studs, spikes, leather, or spandex, you stuck out like a sore thumb. Singer { ..more


Girls Generation

Girls Generation  Artist TOP All Items

A nine-piece girl group from South Korea, Girls’ Generation -- also known as SNSD or So Nyeo Shi Dae -- was an SM Entertainment creation, to go along with that company’s other dance-pop gr ..more


GoGo Penguin

GoGo Penguin  Artist TOP All Items

Experimental jazz piano trio GoGo Penguin were formed in Manchester, England in 2012 by pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Nick Blacka, and drummer Rob Turner. Mixing melodic landscapes wi ..more


George Benson

George Benson  Artist TOP All Items

George Benson is simply one of the greatest guitarists in jazz history, but he is also an amazingly versatile musician, and that frustrates to no end critics who would paint him into a narrow {\ ..more