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lynch.  Artist TOP All Items



LiSA  Artist TOP All Items


Linkin Park

Linkin Park  Artist TOP All Items

Although rooted in alternative metal, Linkin Park became one of the most successful acts of the 2000s by welcoming elements of hip-hop, modern rock, and atmospheric electronica into their music. Th ..more


Leroy Hutson

Leroy Hutson  Artist TOP All Items

One of the most underrated soul producers of the ’70s, multi-talented producer/singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Leroy Hutson began his career in various vocal groups around his hometown of Newa ..more



Lead  Artist TOP All Items


Linda Ronstadt (リンダ・ロンシュタット)

Linda Ronstadt  Artist TOP All Items

With roots in the Los Angeles country and folk-rock scenes, Linda Ronstadt became one of the most popular interpretive singers of the ’70s, earning a string of platinum-selling albums and Top ..more


Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan  Artist TOP All Items

A cornerstone of the Blue Note label roster prior to his tragic demise, Lee Morgan was one of hard bop’s greatest trumpeters, and indeed one of the finest of the ’60s. An all-around master of ..more


Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges  Artist TOP All Items

Leon Bridges’ first strides as a retro-soul artist prompted comparisons to R&B legends like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. A singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Bridges performed in and around ..more


Lee Ritenour

Lee Ritenour  Artist TOP All Items

Known to fans as Captain Fingers for his uncommon dexterity on the guitar, Lee Ritenour is a noted jazz artist and session musician who has been one of the leaders in his field since the early ’7 ..more


Renee Rosnes

Renee Rosnes  Artist TOP All Items

Like Danilo Perez, Brad Mehldau, and any number of jazz pianists, Canadian piano player and composer Renee Rosnes keeps challenging herself and pushing herself and her collaborators in new di ..more



Lily  Artist TOP All Items


Rick Astley

Rick Astley  Artist TOP All Items

Wielding a rich, deep voice, Rick Astley became an overnight sensation in the late ’80s with his well-crafted dance-pop. Astley was discovered by producer Pete Waterman in 1985, when the Mers ..more


Richie Beirach

Richie Beirach  Artist TOP All Items

Although somewhat underrated, Richie Beirach is a consistently inventive pianist whose ability to play both free and with lyricism makes him an original. After studying classical piano, Bei ..more


Lily Allen

Lily Allen  Artist TOP All Items

With her omnivorous musical tastes and cheeky attitude, London-based pop singer/songwriter Lily Allen made a name for herself almost as soon as she released her demos on the Internet. The daught ..more


Lee Konitz

Lee Konitz  Artist TOP All Items

One of the most individual of all altoists (and one of the few in the 1950s who did not sound like a cousin of Charlie Parker), the cool-toned Lee Konitz has always had a strong musical curiosit ..more