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ポール・モーリア (オーケストラ)

Paul Mauriat  Artist TOP All Items

French composer/conductor Paul Mauriat is a classically trained musician who decided to pursue a career in popular music. His first major success came in 1962, as a co-writer of the European hit {& ..more



Vangelis  Artist TOP All Items

Best known for his lush, Oscar-winning score to the 1981 film Chariots of Fire, Vangelis was among the most successful and admired electronic composers of his era. Born Evangelos Odyssey Papat ..more



Sarah Brightman  Artist TOP All Items

In 1978, asp?artistcode=000000000000705>Sarah Brightman, then 18, made a UK Top 10 hit with the disco-pop single "I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper&quo ..more


喜多郎 (シンセサイザー)

kitaro  Artist TOP All Items



Jean Michel Jarre  Artist TOP All Items

Celebrated as the European electronic music community’s premier ambassador, composer Jean Michel Jarre elevated the synthesizer to new peaks of popularity during the 1970s, in the process emergi ..more



George Winston  Artist TOP All Items

Self-described rural folk piano player George Winston was among the earliest and most successful proponents of the genre of contemporary instrumental music later dubbed new age. Although bo ..more


アンディ・ウィリアムス (ヴォーカル)

Andy Williams  Artist TOP All Items

Easily the most solid and long-lasting vocalist of his era, Andy Williams’ laid-back delivery and expansive voice charmed audiences for decades, from his first appearance with a brother quartet int ..more


Johnny Mathis

Johnny Mathis  Artist TOP All Items

One of the last and most popular in a long line of traditional male vocalists who emerged before the rock-dominated 1960s, Johnny Mathis concentrated on romantic readings of jazz and pop standards ..more



Il Divo  Artist TOP All Items

Il Divo put a fresh face on popular songs, utilizing their exceptional voices, good looks, and cultural diversity to bring their romantic blend of classical and pop music to audiences around the wo ..more


Michael Hedges

Michael Hedges  Artist TOP All Items

One of the most innovative and acclaimed solo guitarists of his era, self-described violent acoustic artist Michael Hedges rose to success on the strength of a unique performing style that utiliz ..more



Engelbert Humperdinck  Artist TOP All Items

Ultrasmooth balladeer Engelbert Humperdinck was often billed as the King of Romance, and for millions of fans around the world, he more than lived up to that title. Despite the strange name and t ..more



Jon Hassell  Artist TOP All Items

Trumpeter Jon Hassell was the originator and unrivaled master of the musical aesthetic he dubbed Fourth World -- in his own words, a unified primitive/futuristic sound combining features of world ..more