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Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars  Artist TOP All Items

American singer/songwriter Bruno Mars is a Grammy-winning artist who got his start crafting hits for other artists before taking off on his own highly successful trajectory. An all-around entertain ..more


Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran  Artist TOP All Items

Flame-haired singer/songwriter, beatboxer, and guitarist Ed Sheeran’s eclectic blend of acoustic pop, folk, and hip-hop has been championed by everyone from the underground grime scene to American ..more



Prince  Artist TOP All Items

Few artists have created a body of work as rich and varied as Prince. During the ’80s, he emerged as one of the most singular talents of the rock & roll era, capable of seamlessly tying together po ..more


Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello  Artist TOP All Items

Vocalist Camila Cabello is a pop, R&B, and Latin-influenced performer who first came to prominence as a founding member of the girl group Fifth Harmony. Born Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao in ..more


Sia (シーア)

Sia  Artist TOP All Items

In a career filled with ups and downs, Sia Furler has been an in-demand guest vocalist, a quirky singer/songwriter, a hitmaker for the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce, and more popular than ever ..more


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson  Artist TOP All Items

Michael Jackson was unquestionably the biggest pop star of the ’80s, and certainly one of the most popular recording artists of all time. In his prime, Jackson was an unstoppable juggernaut, possessed ..more



N.E.R.D  Artist TOP All Items



Eminem  Artist TOP All Items

He is not just a controversial rapper anymore, but one of the world’s top entertainers. Eminem will be coming next month to Japan for the first headlining concert with D12 and his Slim Shady Records’ ..more


Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston  Artist TOP All Items

Whitney Houston was inarguably one of the biggest female pop stars of all time. Her accomplishments as a hitmaker were extraordinary; just to scratch the surface, she became the first artist ever t ..more



Kygo  Artist TOP All Items

Kygo (born Kyrre Gorvell-Dahll in Bergen, Norway) broke through with a sound termed tropical house that tended to be brighter and more relaxed than that of his commercial dance music contempor ..more


Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder  Artist TOP All Items

Stevie Wonder is a much-beloved American icon and an indisputable genius not only of R&B but popular music in general. Blind virtually since birth, Wonder’s heightened awareness of sound help ..more


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey  Artist TOP All Items

Pop diva Mariah Carey has made a successful comeback with ’Charmbracelet’, the first on Carey’s MonarC imprint via Island Def Jam. Despite her 2001 soundtrack disappointment ’Glitter’, Carey, in fact, ..more


Massive Attack

Massive Attack  Artist TOP All Items

One of the most innovative and influential groups of their generation, Massive Attack’s hypnotic sound -- a darkly sensual and cinematic fusion of hip-hop rhythms, soulful melodies, dub grooves, an ..more



Zedd  Artist TOP All Items

Born Anton Zaslavski in southwest Germany, Grammy-winning electronic producer Zedd broke onto the European dance scene in 2010 with a remix of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Th ..more


Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar  Artist TOP All Items

Platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated rapper Kendrick Lamar is one of the rare artists who has achieved critical and commercial success while earning the respect and support of those who inspired him. ..more


Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire  Artist TOP All Items

Earth, Wind & Fire were one of the most musically accomplished, critically acclaimed, and commercially popular funk bands of the ’70s. Conceived by drummer, bandleader, songwriter, kalimba player, ..more


Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin  Artist TOP All Items

For nearly 40 years, Aretha Franklin has been an icon of contemporary pop music, known around the world as the Queen of Soul. With her extraordinary range and incendiary gospel-inspired phrasing, Fr ..more



Thundercat  Artist TOP All Items

Stephen Thundercat Bruner spent the last part of the new millennium’s first decade becoming the go-to bassist for practically every artist in black vanguard music. His nimble, syncopated, groove- ..more


Otis Redding

Otis Redding  Artist TOP All Items

One of the most influential soul singers of the 1960s, Otis Redding exemplified to many listeners the power of Southern deep soul -- hoarse, gritty vocals, brassy arrangements, and an emoti ..more