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La 4

La 4  Artist TOP All Items

Altoist/flutist Bud Shank and Brazilian acoustic guitarist Laurindo Almeida first teamed up in the 1950s to create music that predated but strongly hinted at bossa nova. In 1974, they reunite ..more

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Lage Lund

Lage Lund  Artist TOP All Items

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Larry Carlton

Larry Carlton  Artist TOP All Items

Best known for his signature Gibson 335 guitar and his supreme technique, Larry Carlton sees no drawing a line between genres. He draws on his varied musical roots including jazz, rock, country, and n ..more

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Laura Fygi

Laura Fygi  Artist TOP All Items

Although Dutch singer Laura Fygi initially garnered notice as a member of the disco group Centerfold, after setting out in 1992 as a solo performer she pursued a more jazz-inspired path with her ..more

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Lee Konitz

Lee Konitz  Artist TOP All Items

One of the most individual of all altoists (and one of the few in the 1950s who did not sound like a cousin of Charlie Parker), the cool-toned Lee Konitz has always had a strong musical curiosit ..more

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Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan  Artist TOP All Items

A cornerstone of the Blue Note label roster prior to his tragic demise, Lee Morgan was one of hard bop’s greatest trumpeters, and indeed one of the finest of the ’60s. An all-around master of ..more

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Lee Ritenour

Lee Ritenour  Artist TOP All Items

Known to fans as Captain Fingers for his uncommon dexterity on the guitar, Lee Ritenour is a noted jazz artist and session musician who has been one of the leaders in his field since the early ’7 ..more

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Lennie Tristano

Lennie Tristano  Artist TOP All Items

The history of jazz is written as a recounting of the lives of its most famous (and presumably, most influential) artists. Reality is not so simple, however. Certainly the most important of the music’ ..more

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Lenny White

Lenny White  Artist TOP All Items

A versatile drummer, Lenny White is still best-known for being part of Chick Corea’s Return To Forever in the 1970’s. White was self-taught on drums and he largely started his career on to ..more

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Lester Young

Lester Young  Artist TOP All Items

Lester Young was one of the true jazz giants, a tenor saxophonist who came up with a completely different conception in which to play his horn, floating over bar lines with a light tone rather t ..more

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Level 42

Level 42  Artist TOP All Items

At the beginning of their career, Level 42 was squarely a jazz-funk fusion band, contemporaries of fellow Brit funk groups like Atmosfear, Light of the World, Incognito, and Beggar ..more

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Lionel Hampton

Lionel Hampton  Artist TOP All Items

Lionel Hampton was the first jazz vibraphonist and was one of the jazz giants beginning in the mid-’30s. He has achieved the difficult feat of being musically open-minded (even recording {&G ..more

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Loren Schoenberg

Loren Schoenberg  Artist TOP All Items

Loren Schoenberg took piano lessons from the age of four and early on he became a jazz historian, working at the New York Jazz Museum. In 1974, he began playing tenor and within two years was pl ..more

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Lou Donaldson

Lou Donaldson  Artist TOP All Items

Lou Donaldson has long been an excellent bop altoist influenced by Charlie Parker, but with a more blues-based style of his own. His distinctive tone has been heard in a variety of small-group s ..more

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Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong  Artist TOP All Items

Louis Armstrong was the first important soloist to emerge in jazz, and he became the most influential musician in the music’s history. As a trumpet virtuoso, his playing, beginning with the 1920 ..more

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