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Jerry C

Jerry C  Artist TOP All Items

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J.poww  Artist TOP All Items

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Johnny Bristol

Johnny Bristol  Artist TOP All Items

Though born in Morganton, NC, vocalist, composer, and producer Johnny Bristol began his career in Detroit and was a longtime force at Motown from 1961 to 1973. Bristol teamed with Jackey Be ..more

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Junggigo  Artist TOP All Items

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Jake E Lee

Jake E Lee  Artist TOP All Items

He may have appeared on only a pair of albums with Ozzy Osbourne, but guitarist Jake E. Lee helped Osbourne score two of the most commercially successful releases of his long and illustrious ..more

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John Patton

John Patton  Artist TOP All Items

John Patton, often known as Big John Patton, was one of Blue Note’s busiest soul-jazz organists during the golden age of the Hammond B-3s. Between 1963 and 1970 Patton cooked up 11 albums’ ..more

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Jacks  Artist TOP All Items

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Jean Wells

Jean Wells  Artist TOP All Items

A female soul singer from the 60s, Jean Wells issued a lone solo album during her career, titled Soul on Soul. ~ Greg Prato, Rovi ..more

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Jacob Young

Jacob Young  Artist TOP All Items

Best known as the character Lucky Spencer on the long-running afternoon soap opera General Hospital, Jacob Young is also a pop singer. Music turned out to be Young’s first love, as he s ..more

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Jimmy Castor Bunch

Jimmy Castor Bunch  Artist TOP All Items

A master of novelty/disco funk, saxophonist Jimmy Castor started as a doo wop singer in New York. He wrote and recorded I Promise to Remember for Wing with the Juniors in 1956, ..more

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