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Just Songs Vocal Warmup For Kids

Susan Anders




Susan Anders says: Many kids voice teachers and choir directors have used my vocal workouts, since kids would rather sing songs than scales. But the workouts are meant for grown up voices. I designed this method with growing kid voices in mind. I tested it on kids to make sure they liked it. The song lyrics are kid-friendly and the method is gentle. This is a vocal warmup, not a workout, to help kids warm up vocally while learning some singing basics.' 'My kids love this warm up! They like the songs and they like Susan's teaching bits, too. This is a great way for a kid to get some easy singing lessons or just warm up.' --Cecily Gardner, vocal coach & mom, Los Angeles, CA Beginning to more experienced young singers 8-13 can warm up and learn how to sing correctly as they sing thirteen classic pop songs on this 2-CD set. Susan Anders' No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workouts have been used by thousands of singers worldwide. Her method has been tailored here for younger voices, with kid-friendly songs and easy singing instruction. This fun program for teaching kids how to sing can be is used in the home, car, or classroom. The Just Songs Vocal Warmup for Kids method uses warm up sounds combined with a set of kid-friendly classic pop songs. The songs gradually increase in range and difficulty to warm up the voice gently and easily. Instructional segments precede each song. The warmup can be sung with the warm up sounds or with the lyrics. The Just Songs Vocal Warmup for Kids includes: Two CDs of instructional narration and music tracks. Fully produced music tracks with and without guide vocals. Thirteen kid-friendly classic pop songs; a ten song warm up, plus three additional work songs. Three versions of the warmup are included: Warmup 1 includes all the songs, sung with warm up sounds. Each song is preceded by a short singing lesson track, including some Repeat after me sections to help the singer learn some voice technique essentials like correct breathing, posture, resonance, range expansion, and pitch accuracy. Warmup 2 includes all the songs, sung with the lyric. Each song is preceded by a brief instructional introduction. Warmup 3 includes all the music tracks for the songs without vocals. Each song is preceded by a brief introduction. Kids can graduate to this warm up after working with the first two warm ups. Singing teachers can also use these tracks as part of their lesson plan. Additional Work Songs: For older or more advanced singers, three more challenging songs are included at the end of each warmup. Singers who want to sing in a bigger range and Polish their vocal delivery can use these songs once they have warmed up with the first ten songs. The three songs are Take Me Home Country Roads, Hey Jude and Over the Rainbow. Songs: Lean On Me One Love The Name Game Rockin' Robin Don't Worry, Be Happy Yellow Submarine I Ain't Got No Home The Lion Sleeps Tonight Wade in the Water Joy to the World (Chorus only) Take Me Home, Country Roads Hey Jude Over the Rainbow Please note: some of the songs are shorter than the original versions. Range: B below middle C to C an octave higher. The additional work songs go to the Eb above that. Adult sopranos and baritones can also use this method as a warm up. Baritones will sing an octave lower than the guide vocals. Bio: Susan Anders has been coaching singers for over twenty-five years. She has worked with thousands of singers, including Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum), Joey Heatherton, Josh Gracin, and Rose MacGowan. Her methods include Harmony Singing By Ear, The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workouts, Singing Live, The Vocal Recovery Warmup, and Singing With Style. Her artist CDs include Swimmer, Release, and You Can Close Your Eyes Lullabies.


ディスク   1

  • 01. One Love [Intro]
  • 02. One Love [With Warm Up Sounds]
  • 03. Ain't Got No Home Intro
  • 04. Ain't Got No Home [With Warmup Sounds]
  • 05. Lean on Me [Intro]
  • 06. Lean on Me [With Warmup Sounds]
  • 07. Joy to the World [Intro]
  • 08. Joy to the World [With Warmup Sounds]
  • 09. The Name Game [Intro to Slow Version]
  • 10. The Name Game [Slow Version]
  • 11. The Name Game [Intro to Fast Version]
  • 12. The Name Game [Fast Version]
  • 13. Wade in the Water [Intro]
  • 14. Wade in the Water [With Warmup Sounds]
  • 15. Rockin' Robin [Intro]
  • 16. Rockin' Robin [With Warmup Sounds]
  • 17. Don't Worry, Be Happy [Intro]
  • 18. Don't Worry, Be Happy [With Warmup Sounds]
  • 19. Yellow Submarine [Intro]
  • 20. Yellow Submarine [With Warmup Sounds]
  • 21. The Lion Sleeps Tonight [Intro]
  • 22. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  • 23. Take Me Home, Country Roads [Intro]
  • 24. Take Me Home, Country Roads [With Warmup Sounds]
  • 25. Hey Jude [Intro]
  • 26. Hey Jude [With Warmup Sounds]
  • 27. Over the Rainbow [Intro]
  • 28. Over the Rainbow [With Warmup Sounds]
  • 29. Outro for Warmup [With Warmup Sounds]

ディスク   2

  • 01. One Love [Intro 2]
  • 02. One Love
  • 03. Ain't Got No Home [Intro 2]
  • 04. Ain't Got No Home
  • 05. Lean on Me [Intro 2]
  • 06. Lean on Me
  • 07. Joy to the World [Intro 2]
  • 08. Joy to the World
  • 09. The Name Game [Intro 2]
  • 10. The Name Game
  • 11. Wade in the Water [Intro 2]
  • 12. Wade in the Water
  • 13. Rockin' Robin [Intro 2]
  • 14. Rockin' Robin
  • 15. Don't Worry, Be Happy [Intro 2]
  • 16. Don't Worry, Be Happy
  • 17. Yellow Submarine [Intro 2]
  • 18. Yellow Submarine
  • 19. The Lion Sleeps Tonight [Intro 2]
  • 20. The Lion Sleeps Tonight 2
  • 21. Take Me Home, Country Roads [Intro 2]
  • 22. Take Me Home, Country Roads
  • 23. Hey Jude [Intro 2]
  • 24. Hey Jude
  • 25. Over the Rainbow [Intro 2]
  • 26. Over the Rainbow
  • 27. Outro for Warmup [With Lyrics]
  • 28. One Love [Track Intro]
  • 29. One Love [Music-Only Track]
  • 30. Ain't Got No Home [Track Intro]
  • 31. Ain't Got No Home [Music-Only Track]
  • 32. Lean on Me [Track Intro]
  • 33. Lean on Me [Music-Only Track]
  • 34. Joy to the World [Track Intro]
  • 35. Joy to the World [Music-Only Track]
  • 36. The Name Game [Track Intro]
  • 37. The Name Game [Music-Only Track]
  • 38. Wade in the Water [Track Intro]
  • 39. Wade in the Water [Music-Only Track]
  • 40. Rockin' Robin [Track Intro]
  • 41. Rockin' Robin [Music-Only Track]
  • 42. Don't Worry, Be Happy [Track Intro]
  • 43. Don't Worry, Be Happy [Music-Only Track]
  • 44. Yellow Submarine [Track Intro]
  • 45. Yellow Submarine [Music-Only Track]
  • 46. The Lion Sleeps Tonight [Track Intro]
  • 47. The Lion Sleeps Tonight [Music-Only Track]
  • 48. Take Me Home, Country Roads [Track Intro]
  • 49. Take Me Home, Country Roads [Music-Only Track]
  • 50. Hey Jude [Track Intro]
  • 51. Hey Jude [Music-Only Track]
  • 52. Over the Rainbow [Track Intro]
  • 53. Over the Rainbow[Music-Only Track]






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